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Mary Barnard
was born about 1625 probably in Middlesex England. There were a number of Barnard's in that area. Her parents are unknown.

Mary wed Mordecai Bedient about 1650 probably in or near Staines. It is a town on the Thames just south of present day Heathrow Airport..

They had four known sons probably all born in Staines:
1. Thomas Bedient born July 22, 1654
2. Morgan Bedient born July 22, 1654
3. John Bedient
4. Mordecai Bedient

In 1664, Mary's brother, John Barnard died in the American colony of Massachusetts. She sailed to America with her four sons to claim the estate. She was a widow when she sailed.

Mordecai must have died by or about 1664. It is not known what caused his death but the Plague was epidemic in London until 1666. Also the government had exchanged leaders and thus religions. Cromwell and Protestantism had ruled until 1660 but then Charles II took the throne and returned the country to Catholicism. With the death of Mordecai and an estate waiting, it is understandable why a widow with four young sons would risk the journey.

This story comes from Baird, Bard Beard Families by Fermire Catchings, in the chapter on Scotch Bairds.

Mordecai is probably buried in Staines, but it is unknown where.

When Mary arrived in Massachusetts she married Roger Townsend. At some point she and Roger moved to Westchester County, NY. Roger died in 1674. Her three younger sons were mentioned in his will. Records of Westchester Ct. NY. That would give a clue as to the relative ages of the sons. Perhaps Thomas was not a twin.

Nothing further is known of Mary Barnard Bedient Townsend..


If you know the answer please CONTACT US

    1. Where and when was Mary born?
    2. Who were her parents?
    3. When did she marry Mordecai Bedient?
    4. What are the birthdates of all their children?
    5. Were there daughters?
    6. Where did she marry Roger Townsend?
    7. What did Roger do for a livelihood?
    8. When and where did she die?
    9. Where is she buried?



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