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Zebulon Blackburn was born December 15, 1793 in Wilkes County, North Carolina. His parents were William Henry Blackburn and Sarah Baird.

We have a copy of a document by William W. Blackburn, written April 17, 1900 in Princeton Kentucky. He writes about his family. He said his father, Zebulon was born in NC and moved with his family to Tenn. in 1796 and lived there until 1814. He they moved to Livingston County on Donaldson Creek He completes by saying "he was the only son of parents against whom I never heard aught." That part of Livingston County became Caldwell County.

Zebulon Blackburn married Lois Asher in Caldwell County on August 30, 1815. Both Zebulon Blackburn and William Asher, her father, were active in Donaldson Baptist Church, organized in 1823. William Asher donated the land for the church. Zebulon was Church Clerk from 1846 to1854. His son, William W Blackburn replaced him and served until 1865.

Lois and Zebulon had at least seven children:
1. Mary M. Blackburn, born 1816 wed Wiley E. Calvert
2. Sarah A.F. Blackburn, born 1818 wed Thomas Jones. She died 1847
3. Adelia Jane Blackburn, born 1821 wed Robert B. Patterson
4. William Washington Blackburn, born 1823 wed 1st Catherine Street,
2nd Martha M. Traylor
5. Nancy M. Blackburn, born about 1827 wed George R. McDowell
6. Elizabeth A. Blackburn, born 1829 died 1852
7. Lois Blackburn Jr., born 1831, died 1847

Births above are from the Caldwell County Cemetery Book. Marriages are listed in the Caldwell County Marriage Book. All birth date and marriages are listed in Blackburn Family History. Copies can be found at the Caldwell Library.

The 1850 Caldwell County Census confirms some names, dates and adds to family picture.

Zebulon Blackburn age 56
Lois Blackburn age 57
Nancy Blackburn age 22
Elizabeth A. age 19
Sarah A. F. Jones age 6 the children of Sarah and Thomas Jones
Mary J. T. Jones age 10 Did Thomas die also?

Wiley E. Calvert age 38 head of house hold
Mary M. age 34
Nathaniel Calvert age 33 must be Wiley’s brother
Sarah L. Calvert age 1

William W. Blackburn age 26 head of household
Katherine S. Blackburn age 27
Nancy E. Blackburn age 1
Katherine Street age 61 – mother-in-law

Lydia & Robert Patterson and Nancy J.& George R. McDowell are not in the list. To be complete they should be found.

The 1860 Caldwell County Census lists the Blackburn family in Farmersville thus:
Zebulon Blackburn age 67, born North Carolina
Louisa Blackburn age 68, born North Carolina
Mary Jones age 18, born Kentucky
Sarah Blackburn age 14, born Kentucky
J.T. Kent age 14, born Kentucky

It is not known who were the parents of this Sarah Blackburn or J.T. Kent.

It seems a medical puzzle why 3 of the 6 daughters died between the ages 23 – 29? There was diabetes in the Blackburn family in the 20th century. As that disease is passed through the male gene and not the woman, it may be the answer.

W. W. Blackburn in his "Impartial" sketch of his father said he had the confidence of the community. Zebulon was deputy sheriff and was elected justice of the peace several times.

Zebulon Blackburn died on Dec. 12, 1863 of heart trouble. Lois died just a few months later in Feb. 1864. He is buried in the Morse Cemetery near Farmersville KY. It is most likely that Lois is also.




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