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Abigail Huse was born about 1645 probably in England but perhaps in Virginia. Her parents are said to be John & Ann HuseHowever, I can find no supporting documentation for this.  There is a Middlesex County Va Will page 39, dated Nov. 4, 1678 That lists Mr. William Churchill as administrator of John Hues estate.  I have not seen the will, but it may shed some light on Abigail's story

Abigail was in Virginia by early 1660s where she is married to Samuel Nichols of Old Rappahannock County.

Abigail married a second time to Francis Triplett about late 1668.  It was his second marriage also.  A very common occurrence in colonial times.

The William and Mary Quarterly printed a multipart Genealogy of the Triplett Family in Volumes XXI, page 33, 115, XXII, page 175 and also an addendum on page 37 of a later unknown Vol. They were written by Rev. A. H. Hord. The article noted that Francis Triplett was issued a patent dated Jan 21, 1666 with the title "Mister". The term mister designated a higher degree of social consideration than that of a yeoman. The family continued to be prominent in the life of Colonial Virginia. The patent was for 1050 acres on the north side of the Rappahannock River. That patent is also noted in Cavaliers and Pioneers by Nugent.

Apparently during the 1660s Francis'  property sustained considerable damage by some major storms, probably hurricanes or drought causing crop failure of the tobacco he grew. Francis sold land in October 1664. Again in Sept 1668 Francis sold land for tobacco. On April 30, 1669 there is a deed selling a tract of land for 3500 pounds of tobacco where both Francis and Abigail signed.. They must have wed between Sept 1668 and April of 1669.

The children of Franics and Abigail mentioned in the William and Mary Quarterly were:
1. Thomas Triplett born 1669/70 died 1698
2. William Triplett born 1669/70 wed Isabella Miller, died probably 1738
3. Francis Triplett born about 1672, died 1704
4. Elizabeth Triplett born between 1669-1674, died 1710/11
5. Abigail Triplett
born 1675
6. John Triplett born about 1677?? wed Hannah, died before Feb. 19, 1699/1700

The last 2 children were added, as were all the dates by the website.  One ancestry entry suggested that Abigail had a son by Mr. Nichols, John Nichols, which Francis Triplett raised as his own.  If that were the case, then he would be the eldest of the group.

Francis Triplett died in 1701. His well was dated Nov. 11, 1700 and proved March 1, 1701. A reference to that is found in King George Records of the clerk's office although the will has been lost. The will disposes of the plantation of 200 acres on which he lived, another tract of 1050 acres and several smaller tracts. He mentions his wife Abigail and children Thomas, William, and Francis.

                                        The will of Abigail's first husband, Samuel Nichols was probated March 4, 1700/01 in Rappahanock county Virginia.  That would appear to be just a few days after Francis                                         Triplett's will was proved.  Perhaps it was to clarify son John's inheritance.

It is not known how long Abigail Triplett lived after Francis died nor where either of them are buried.






If you know the answer please CONTACT US

  1. Confirm her parents
  2. get a copy of John Hues will
  3. Where was she born.
  4. When did she marry Samuel Nichols
  5. Get copies of all available land records.
  6. Get copy of Samuel Nichols will.
  7. Did she have a son by Mr. Nichols, and which name did he grow up with?
  8. What happened to Abigail after his death?



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