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Isabella Triplett was born in 1695 in Richmond County VA. She was the first child of William Triplett and Isabella Miller.  Isabella Harrison was named as daughter in Isabella Miller Tripletts will. The William and Mary Quarterly printed a multipart history of the Triplett Family in Volumes XXI, page 33, 115, XXII, page 175 and also an addendum on page 37 of a later unknown Vol.

On April 1, 1711 Isabella wed Capt. Elias Hore in Richmond County re Virginia Marriages to 1800 by Jordon Dodd.  the bride was noted to be daughter of WIlliam and Isabella Triplett.

Elias Hore made a will in Jan 1729 in which he named his wife Isabella and his four children. Stafford Co VA Will Book 1729-1748; : pp 20-22

                                        They were probably her's as well as they had been wed for 18 years.  but I have not confirmed that.
                                        1. William Hore
                                        2. Elias Hore
                                        3. Katherine Hore
                                        4.  Sarah Hore. 

He was the son of John Hore.  The will of John Hore was filed in Westmorland county, of Washington Parish on Feb. 16, 1711 and proved March 26, 1712.  His two sons John Hore and Elias Hore were Ex.  Elias inherited land in Stafford from his father.  He was found on the Rent Rolls of Stafford Ct. in 1723.  It is believed that John Hore also had a daughter Catherine Hore who wed Isabell's brother John Triplett.

Elias Hore died in 1730 in Stafford County.  The will was proved in court on Feb. 10, 1730.

In 1723 her father, William Triplett acquired 300 acres in Stafford County on Occoquan Creek . She may have gone to her family when Elias died. About 1734, Isabella married a second time to Captain William Burr Harrison in Overwharton Parish, Stafford County. VA. He was a member of the commission of peace for Prince William County when it was created from Stafford County in 1731. Their marriage is listed in Marriages of Some Virginia Residents 1607-1800.

Isabella and William Harrison Had the following children:
1. Susannah Harrison born about 1734 wed Robert Slaughter
2. Margaret Harrison, born about 1736 wed Edward Blackburn
3. Sarah Harrison born about 1738 wed John Monroe
4. Mary Harrison, born about 1740 wed John Waters (or Walter)

Isabella was widowed a second time when Captain William Harrison died 1745. The Virginia Magazine of History Vol. 23, page 331 names their children, spouses, and notes the four daughters are listed in his will.

It is believed that Isabella Triplett Harrison died about 1763 but little is known about her last years.



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