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 Mary White was born about 1725 in Quinby, Scotland. - Maybe  A Genealogy by Eva Laughlin LeBlanc named Descendants of John Laughlin from the Atlantic to the Pacific is available from the LDS library in 1991. The information in this piece comes from that source.  There is now additional information online in Roots that add to this, but none have actual documentation.  I can find no current place called Quinby Scotland.

It may be that her parents were Margaret Ralston and Anthony White.  See the listing of deeds below and possible conclusion.

There are records in the Cumberland County PA Historical Society that do connect Laughlin and White families.
* Court House Record #24 W  Estate Inventory of Anthony White, deceased Feb. 20, 1764. James Laughlin and Patrick McFarlance filed the inventory May 21, 1765.  The first item listed in the Inventory is his whiskey still.

*Deed Book B1-2  The deed states that Dec. 4, 1760 Andrew Ralston of West Pennsborough Twp granted to Anthony White of Middletown Twp. 152.10 pounds for Improvement on east side of Big Spring "being the one half of Andrew Ralston deceased plantation David Ralston has the south side of the said plantation bounded the east by William Laughlin and on the south east by John Hodge and open to the Barrons. Witnesses were James Laughlin and Allen Leeper.

* Deed Book B2-4  The north moiety of tract formerly possessed by Andrew Ralston, now deceased, who gr. Dec. 4, 1760 to Anthony White, who lately died intestate and whose admrs petitioned Cumberland Ct. Orphans Court.  The court ordered a public sale May 21, 1764, the sale was held June 4, 1764.  Margret White and David Ralston were the admirs. of Anthony White, deceased yeoman of West Pennsborough Twp.  The 200 - 250 acres was granted to Jospeh Jacobs for 238 pounds. Witnesses were William Plunket and William McCoskey or McCoskry

From this we can suggest that Margaret was Anthony White's wife.  It has been suggested and it fits what we are given that Margaret was the sister of David Ralston and daughter of Andrew Ralston Deed B2-4 notes that the Orphans Court was petitioned.  It would be very helpful to read that document.

 The LeBlanc piece said that in the 1750s Mary White married John Laughlin in Pennsylvania.  Mary and John Laughlin had a son named Anthony.  He was born October 1764, just about 6 months after Anthony White died.  Hence naming their son after his recently deceased grandfather.

John Laughlin came to America from Ireland in the mid 1700's, landing in Philadelphia. and then moved  near Big Spring in Cumberland County, PA. There were a number of Laughlin's who settled in Cumberland Ct. and a number of Johns were found there. With no middle name it is difficult to distinguish which John where. However, the LDS Ancestral file lists the following as Mary and John's children:  No church records go back far enough for documentation.  I am not sure where this list came from.
1. James born 1752
2. William born 1754
3. Anthony born Oct 7, 1756  but the LeBlanc genealogy states he was born Oct. 7, 1764.  This fits with the 1830 census where he is between 60 - 70.
4. Sarah born 1758
5. Mary born 1760
6. Nancy born 1763
7. John born 1769

A book titled Irish Settlers in American by O'Brien states that many officers of the Cumberland County Militia were Irish. Listed in that group is John Laughlin, Ensign.

The family moved to York County, Camden district, South Carolina about 1771 and John died there about 1773. Nothing further is known about Mary White Laughlin.





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1. Confirm Mary's birthplace and date.

2. Search for immigration records for the White family.

3.  Find the Orphan Courts records for Anthony White's young children.

4. Search Cumberland County records for any info on the family.

5. When and where did she die?


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