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      The Boulden family were early planters on the Eastern shore of Maryland.  Their story goes back to Jamestown 1610 when Thomas Boulden came to Virginia.  He moved up the Chesapeake Bay to Kent Island and was buried there in 1665.  The family continued expanding north into Cecil County and eventually across the state line into Delaware

      Ezekiel Boulden was born in Cecil County Maryland on June 4, 1823 to John Boulden and Margaret Faries, his wife.  His birth year and death date were in the Cecil Democrat Obits April 1869.  The exact birthdate was given on line by Grant Pinnix.  But I don't know his source.  He was one of the younger of 10 children by John Boulden.  John had three wives.  His 3rd wife Margaret had 5 children.

      This Boulden family lived at Bristol, a plantation.  The farm still exists.  It is on Elk Forest Rd, between the Elk River and Back Creek (now the Chespeake Delaware Canal).  According to passed down family story The Boulden Family written by Estell Smith Kepler, John's first two wives were buried in the front yard.  Then both  John and Margaret died in 1826 within a month of each.  They were also buried in the front yard.  The estate was sold and divided between the surviving 9 children.  The oldest still at home was a 17 year old sister by wife #2. 

      It is not known where Ezekiel or his orphaned siblings went to live. However, I think it possible that his half-brother Thomas Boulden  set up a home by 1830 with his new wife, Priscilla and took all the children in. 

      However, I have found that in 1850 Ezekiel Boulden had returned to Cecil county.  He was on the Cecil County Census, roll M432_290, page 183  living with family of Farmer Boulden Biddle along with 6 other young men, all "farmers'.  the details fit our Ezekiel, ie born MD, age 26.

      On Feb. 26, 1852 Ezekiel Boulden married Mary Helen McCauley.  From The Cecil Democrat "Marriage on Thursday, the 26th inst by Rev. Horatio S. Howell, Mr. Ezekiel Boulden to Miss Mary Helen mcCauley, both of this county."  Rev. Howell was Presbyterian, Ezekiel and Mary helen were buried in the Elkton Presbyterian Cemetery.  It was nearly 20 years old in 1852, so it is very possible that they were married in the church which still stands in downtown Elkton Maryland.

      According to Estell Smith Kepler, Ezekiel and Mary Helen had the following children:
      1.  Henry Boulden born 1852 death date unknown
      2.  John Cooper Boulden born 1854 wed Catherine ann Taylor and died 1920
      3.  Mary Helen Boulden born 1857 wed David mcMullen and died 1946
      4.  Margaret Ferris Boulden born 1859 died 1921
      5.  Susan Benjamin Boulden born 1861, died 1921
      6.  Ezekiel Boulden born c 1863, died at 7 months
      7.  Julia McCaulley Boulden born 1864, died 1927
      8.  George Boulden born 1866 died 1936
      9.  Ezekiel Boulden Born 1868 wed Mary Brown death date unknown

      The 1860 Cecil County Census, Roll: M653_472; Page: 147 taken Jule 23rd, lists 3 laborers and the family as:
      Ezekiel Boulden age 37, born Maryland,  Farmer, value of personal estate $2500.  He did not own real estate.
      Mary Boulden, age 28, born Delaware
      Henry Boulden, age 7, born Maryland
      John Boulden, age 5, born Maryland
      Mary Boulden, age 3, born Maryland
      Margaret Boulden, age 1, born Maryland

      It is  very likely that the family lived on a farm on Pond's Neck where Exekiel died in 1869.  It is about half way between the Sassafras and Bohemia rivers on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

      In April 1869, the Cecil Democrat reported "April 5, 1869 Ezekiel C. Boulden 45 year old died at home in Pond's Neck."   This is the first time the "C." was included in his name.  Perhaps it was Cooper, the middle name of his 2nd son.  I do not know how Cooper fits into the family.

      Bond was paid by the executors of Ezekiel Boulden's estate on April 19, 1869.  John McCauley, Mary H. Boulden are listed as administrators.  William Campbell and William Cannir(sp??) also gave bond.  Recorded in Libra C.B.C Nor 4, vol 16, folio 134.  An inventory was taken and listed his assets at $3292.25, plus $10 cash in the house.  When bills were paid, items sold, taxes, etc paid $2787 was left.   Accounting filed in Orphans Court for Eziekiel Boulden on March 9, 1870.

      Later that year Mary Helen Boulden was listed on the Cecil County 1870 Census, District 4, Roll: M593_583, p141 living as a farmers tenant within the Fair Hill  area.  The family is:
          Mary H Boulden, age 39,  Farmers Tenant - all born in Maryland
          John C.                age 15
          Mary E                age 12
          Margaret             age 10
          Susan H               age 9
          Julia                     age 6
          Geo K                  age 3
          Ezekiel                 age 1
          Sarah Hammond  age 25, born Ireland, domestic

      The oldest brother, Henry is found on the Chesapeake City Cecil County Census working on a farm owned by John Moore.

      John Cooper is now man of the house.  I don't know why they left Pond's Neck.  Fair Hill is in the north of the county, a good 20 miles away.  There is a Bill of Sale in the Cecil County Recorder of Deeds, box 5, #590, 1861- 1871 from John C. Boulden to Mary H Boulden.  I have not seen it yet, so don't know what it is about.   It may resolve some of these questions. 

      The 1880 Delaware Census, roll T9-120, page 271 A, ED 27 has the family living on a farm in Pencader, New Castle County, Delaware:
          Mary H. Boulden, age 50  all born in Maryland, although the 1860 Census stated she was born in Delaware.
          John C. Boulden,  age 25
          Maggie,                age 21
          Susan H.               age 17
          Julia                      age 16
          George                 age 12
          Ezekiel                  age 10

      The eldest sister, Mary E. is gone, probably married.  The older brother, Henry  is married and living on a famr in Cecil County.   Pencader is very close to the Maryland border and there were other Boulden farms there.  So this a not a surprising move.   Their next known move was to the city of Wilmington Delaware.  Probably to provide John C. with work opportunities.

In 1887 the John Cooper Boulden family were living in Wilmington DE with his mother, Mary Helen Boulden.  They ran a boarding house.  The 1887 Wilmington City Directory, page 88 has Mary Helen listed with boarding house, 810 Market St. It seems John is in the business also.  His listing said  "in boarding and sales at 310 Shipley St, home 810 Market St".  The Grand Opera House was in full operation then at 818 Market St. 
The 1888-1895 City Directories do not list John C. Boulden in Wilmington though his mother continued to run a boarding house at different locations.   It is not known when Mary Helen Boulden died, but it was after 1895, and probably in Wilmington Delaware. 

Ezekiel Boulden and his widow of nearly 30 years, Mary Helen Boulden are buried in the Elkton Presybterian church cemetery.  There is a photo and details on findagrave.com


      If you know the answer please CONTACT US

  1.         What does the C. of his middle name stand for?
  2.         Where does the name Cooper come from?
  3.         Where did the young children of John and Margaret live when orphaned?    


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