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Actually this story is speculation. The facts are all facts. But I am making the family of Susannah Womach and Joseph Hubbard part of my family without solid source documents.

What I have is the fact that Nathaniel Hubbard was born in 1826 in Tennessee. But where and to whom in Tennessee was Nathaniel born? In 1845 he marries Sarah Perry in Caldwell County Kentucky. This is all confirmed by data and family history.

The following story fits all the known facts. If anyone can confirm with documentation, please CONTACT US

Susannah Womach was born between 1790-1794 possibly in Virginia. These are based on pre-1850 Census data noted below.

Susannah married Joseph Hubbard on March 22, 1809 in Wilson County, Tennessee. Richard Womach was her bondsman. This is from Marriages of Wilson County TN by Edythe Rucher Whitley. Richard Womach may have been her father but there is a Richard Womach on the 1840 Tennessee Wilson County census. He was between 40 and 50 years old at that time. It is more likely that Richard was Susannah's brother. Goodspeed's History of Wilson County Tennessee has a bio on a son of this Richard. Re Richard it says "he was born in Virginia about 1790 and came to Tennessee when about twelve years of age."

Other possibilities for Wilson County connections are found in the Tax lists of Wilson County TN 1803-1807.
In 1804 William Wornech and James Warnick both have 200 acres on Sugg's Creek. Then in 1806 Joel Warmach and Daniel Warmach are listed with no acres on Round Lick. Given the unusual name and old handwriting they could all be from the same family.

Joseph and Sussah Hubbard are listed in a settlement of a will in Wilson County on Nov. 3 1841. I have not been able to check this out yet. But I can assume they were both alive at that time. This was probably settlement on the will of Reuben Hubbard who had died leaving Elizabeth a widow by Nov 27, 1839 when she sold his property. Wilson County Deeds

I'm sure the family farmed in Wilson County. Joseph Hubbard bought 65 acres on Smith's Fork from John Ward in Sept of 1818. He sold this same property to Barnard Brown in June 1820. The land was bounded by that of Reuben Hubbard, who may have been his father. By 1824 Joseph has 50 acres on Smiths Fork which he still has and pays taxes on in 1827. This is from Wilson County Tax Book

This family moved on to Caldwell County, Kentucky so that in 1830 Joseph Hubbard is found on the Caldwell County 1830 Census with:
1 male 40-50
1 male 10-15
4 males 5-10
2 males under 5 (one would be Nathaniel)
1 female 30-40
1 female 10-15
1 female 5-10. That would be a family of 9 children.

The 1820 Census of Wilson County Tennessee has the Joseph Hubbard family as:
1 male 26-45
3 males under 10
1 woman 26-45
1 female 10-16
2 females under 10

If it is the same family, then 2 males and 1 female had left the family by 1830 which would bring it to a family of 12 children.

Neither Susannah Hubbard or Joseph Hubbard can be found in 1850 Census.


If you know the answer please CONTACT US

    1. When and where was Susannah born?
    2. What was her relationship to Richard Womach?
    3. Is the Joseph Hubbard family, with Susannah Womach as mother the same that migrated to Kentucky?
    4. What are the names and birthdates of all the children?
    5. When and where did she die?
    6. Recheck all Hubbards on 1850 Census in both Kentucky and Tenn to trace possible children and maybe Susannah/Joseph are living with them.

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