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Actually, this story is a combination of family tale and supposition. We don't yet have proof. We know a Crickmur and a Culpepper were wed in Virginia and had immigrated to Kentucky by the early 1820s. The site in Virginia where a number of Crickmurs and Culpeppers could be found was Norfolk.

This piece of "The Story" is about the first two generations of Creekmans to be in Virginia. The link to our Kentucky Crickmurs is still missing.

There are many spellings for Crickmur. I will use the one given in the source materials.

Jane Wood was born about 1630 in England. We do not know where or who her parents were. However, there seems to be a number of people listing on the Ancestry Worldwide Tree that Edmond Crickmur was from Norwich, Norfolk England.  As she was joining her husband in America, that makes it at least possible that is where she is from.  Some state her father was John Wood of Norwich but there is no suppporting documentation that I have found - so far. There were also statements that she arrived on "Neptune" in 1654.  There are a number of references to people arriving in Norfolk on the Neptune over many decades.   Same ship, or just a nautical name?

There is a lengthy article in the1966 The Virginia Genealogist called Creekmore Notes compiled by Mabel H. Thornton and Elizabeth B. Wingo. It states that Edmond Creekman appears as a headright in a land patent issued Aug 15, 1650 to Lewis ffarinall. This deed is found in the Norfolk County Virginia Wills and Deeds book B, page 153.

The article further states that on Oct 15, 1663 Edmond Creekman received a certificate for 50 acres of land "for the transportation of Jane Wood now the wife of the said Crickman into this collony". The source of this material was from the Norfolk County Virginia Wills and Deeds Book D, page 383. The Early Virginia Immigrants 1623-1666 by George Cabell Greer add that Jane Wood immigrated in 1653 paid by Oliver Segar of Lancaster County.

They resided near the mouth of Deep Creek on the southern Branch of Elizabeth River.

The Creekmore Notes article goes on to include the will of Edmon Creekmon found in Norfolk Co. Deed Book 4, page 80. It was dated March 1679 and proved August 16, 1680. He names his wife and four children:
1. John Creackmon, heir to the home plantation on Deep Creek.
2. Edward Creackmon heir to a tract of land near Mr. Richard Jones Sr.
3. Edmon Creackmon, youngest son, not yet 21.
4. Elizabeth Creackmon, heir to articles "upon her marriage".

No further mention is made of Jane.


If you know the answer please CONTACT US

1. Where did Jane Wood immigrate from in England?

2. Get copies of the Captain's passenger list and of the Deed dated Oct 1653.

3. What happened to Jane?

4. When did Jane die?

5. When & where was she born?

6. Who were her parents?

 7. Where or what was the Lancaster company?

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