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Anna Maria Batzlen was born about 1650, based on her marriage date. probably in Bissingen, Wurttemberg, Germany. Her parents were Anna Maria Kaelber and Michael Batzlin

Anna Maria wed Georg Kauffman Nov. 9, 1669 in Bissingen.  from LDS Western European Church Records 1612-1774 are on FHL Film 1055843  The marriage records gives the father of both parties.  The same film has the marriage of Michael Batzlin and Anna Maria Kaelber.  Unfortunately there is a gap in the births that does not start up until 1680.

In the area around Stuttgart, there are 3 towns that could fit the name "Bissingen". They are Bissingen, Bisingen, and Bissingen an der Teck. After a careful study of the 1930's document we believe it is the Bissingen an der Teck. Close by there is a Dettingen unter Teck. It is the home of other relatives. These villages are south east of Stuttgart.

From the church records after 1680 we know that Anna Maria and Georg Kauffman had the following children:  There were likely children between 1670 and 1680 also.

1.  Caspar Kauffmann, born 1680, he wed Margaretha Mackhen.
2.  Hans Jacob Kauffmann, born 1682
3.  Catharina Kauffmann, born 1684
4.  Anna Maria Kauffmann, born 1685
5.  Barbara Kauffmann, born 1686
6.  Anna Barbara Kauffmann, born 1688 (I wonder if Barbara born 1686 had died?)
7.  Margaretha Kauffmann, born 1688 must be Anna Barbara's twin
8.  Hanss Georg Kauffmann, born 1691

                                        That is a lot of babies in a very short time!

                                        No death records are included in the Kauffmann material

                                        It is not known when either Georg Kauffmann or his wife Anna Maria Batzlen Kauffmann died.


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          1. Were there other children?
          2. When did they die?

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