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Margaretha Euchner was born 1732 and christened May 2, 1732 in Bissingen an der Tech, Wurttenberg Germany. Her parents were Johannis Euchner and Maria Catharina Voettimer.

The LDS library has a microfilm of the church records in Bissingen. It dates back to 1585. The German scrip is very hard to read and of course it is in German. We can scan the piece so you can attempt to see it also. Just click under Contact Us with the request. I now have a printout from the LDS set on CD of Western European Church Records that is easy to read.  The data in this story comes from that set.

Margaretha Euchner wed Andres Holpp on Sept 25, 1753 in Bissingen an der Tech.  Andres had been married before and there were 5 children by his first marriage to Margaretha Merckle.  So Margaretha raised the first five, as far as I know, all survived childhood and then had 11 more of her own.  They were:
 (The precise dates came from the written records.)
6. Maria Agnes Holp born September 20, 1754
7.  Maria Catharina Holp, born 1755
8. Maria Barbara Holp born June 8, 1757 wed Johann Georg Kauffmann
9. Johann Cunrad Holp, born 1758
10. Andreas Holp, born 1760 (Andreas' first child was also Andres.  Perhaps he died, or the 2nd name was not given that he went by?)
11. Maria Agnes Holp, born 1761 - (Probably the #6 child had died)
12. Maria Sabina Holp, christened 1762
13. Johann George Holp, born 1764
14.  Johann Conrad Holp, born 1767 ( probably the #9 child had died)
15.  Johann Conrad Holp, born 1769 (probably #14 had died)
16.  no first name Holp, born 1770

The Holpp family had been in Bissingen an der Tech  since at least 1581 and probably long before.  That is about the time the existing church records began.   For instance in 1697 Margareta Holpp married Hans Maier.

1790 Johann Georg Holpp was godfather to Maria Barbara Kaufmann, daughter of Maria Barbara Holpp #2 above.

 There is probably much more information to be found on the microfilm with a careful reading. When the recorder wrote the names usually an in was added to the woman's name i.e. Anna Barbara Holppin. The "in" is added to most names signifying the female.

I have no record of when either Andreas or his wives died.  But this Margaretha would have been after 1770.


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1.  Recheck the written records to confirm all the children and the potential death of some babies. 

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