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The Hartmann family can be traced in Gellershausen bei Wildungen, Waldeck region of Germany to at least mid 1700s.   The FAMILY of our Wilhelmina Hartmann is given in the wonderful Waldeckische Ortsippenbucher Band 62.  (Hochgrebe, Heinrich; Waldeckischer Geschichtsverein e.V. Bad Arolsen; 1998. History of the village of Gellershausen. It contains stories and photos of villages plus an extensive index of family surnames and data taken mostly from Church records. Written in German. Scott Hanson alerted me to the book and Christa Siems provided us with the book itself. The present administrator of the village, Herr Muench, has also provided information   I am very grateful! 

My word processor does not contain an umlaut.  In the subject's name are 2 u.  Both should have an umlaut.  I apologize.  the following information was received from Herr Muench.  It had been written as part of a history of the Fuchs family of Gellershausen by Frieda Ellenberg.

Balthasar Fuchs was born in 1700 in Zuesten Waldeck, north of Bad Wildungen. I do not know his parents.  He was a farmer and a miller.  He is the first known miller of the Fuchs family.  The tradition extended into the 20th century.   On Nov. 1, 1731 he married Anna Elisabeth Brueckhauser.  She was from the village Zwesten south of Bad Wildungen,  Both villages are within 20 miles of Gellershausen.

The couple lived their life in Zuschen.  They had 8 known children:
1.  Anna Gertrud Fuchs born Dec. 24, 1733
2.  Johannes Fuchs born June 10, 1735
3.  Katharine Elisabeth Fuchs born Dec. 8 1736
4.  Anna Elisabeth Fuchs born may 12, 1738
5.  Johannes Bernhard Fuchs born Sept 22, 1740 and died Sept 25, 1740
6.  Anna Barbara Fuchs born Sept 1, 1744 and died Sept 9 1744
7.  Johannes Henrick Fuchs born Nov. 1, 1745 and died Nov. 7, 1745
8.  Johannes Adam Fuchs born Oct 27, 1746, he died Nov. 1822 in Gellershausen.

I hope that the first 4 children survived.  As there was no death date given in the Fuchs story it is a good surmise.  But how sad to lose 3 babies in a row.  Even the four years between #5 & 6 could imply an illness or miscarriage.  Perhaps Anna was ill during this time or the family was having a hard time. 

It is not known when either Anna Elisabeth or her husband, Balthasar died.  They both died in Zuschen, Waldeck.


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                                         2.  When did Anna and Balthasar die?

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