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Harry Ludwig Maier was born Feb 18, 1878 in Wilmington, Delaware. His parents were Johann Daniel Maier and Wilhelmina Hartmann. Both parents had been born in Germany in different areas. Both had emigrated to Wilmington to join a relative that had already settled there.

Wilmington had a very active German community. Harry's father Daniel was a leader in this German community. Harry attended the University of Delaware in Newark. He graduated in 1901 He lived, studied and dined in Old College. His son, one daughter, grandson, granddaughter and great granddaughter all attained degrees at UD. His great granddaughter's last college event was held in Old College.

Harry Maier married Emilie Yates Walsh of Baltimore. There were many German Music and Dance Clubs from Allentown PA to Washington DC. They had groups from one visit the other for a concert, dance or competition. The family story is that the lovely Emilie was met at a dance in Baltimore.

Harry wrote a letter to Thomas Y. Walsh asking permission to marry Emilie. Thomas Walsh was surveying across the southwest for the railroads. I have his wonderful letter in reply. It is on stationary marked "Panhandle and Gulf Railroad Company", in an envelope embossed with "The Kansas City, Mexico & Orient Railway Co. " It was mailed from Saffordville Kansas. In the letter he said "Yatesie is such a jolly chum and good indian…"

They were married on Oct. 12, 1904 in St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Baltimore.

Harry and Emilie had three children:
1. Harry Ludwig Maier born August 7, 1905
2. Annette Yates Maier born March 28, 1908
3. Emilie Wilhelmina Maier born March 16, 1913

Harry was a Civil Engineer and worked for the city of Wilmington. He held the title of Chief City Engineer for over 20 years. The family was active at Trinity Episcopal Church. They lived on Connell Street and he walked to work and home for lunch. Living in the small city of Wilmington, they walked everywhere and took the trolley on excursions to such amusements as Brandywine Springs Amusement Park, the Circus beyond Union St. and the racetrack at Wawaset Park. Closer to retirement they moved to Bancroft Parkway. The house was in the family until the late 1980's.

Harry died Jan. 6, 1954 and is buried at Gracelawn Cemetery in Wilmington. His wife Emilie died in 1963.


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