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Philip Brandt was born about 1694 in Germany.   His wife's name was Elizabeth but unsure of her maiden name (see 3rd paragraph).  The IGI has a Philip Brandt wed to Elizabeth Irmanin 1707, Lippe Almena Evanglisch church.  There is also a Philip Brand wed to Elisabeth ter Meer, 1709 Rheinland but in a Catholic church.  As our Philip was said to be "Reformed", I lean toward Lippe.  But there could be many Philip and Elizabeth Brandts out there.

Philip Brandt immigranted to Pennsylvania  before 1734, probably with his wife and young children.  There is a Philip Brandt, no age into Philadelphia in 1734 listed in Filby.  It is from "Rupp  - A Collection of Upwards of 30,000 Names".  The Historical Society of Montgomery County, PA Bulletin, Vol 6, 1947-9  tells the story of Rev. Muhlenberg arrived in Philadelphia and Philip Brandt led him to New Hanover, which was a two day trip.  The Bulletin stated that Philip Brandt had been educated in Germany, and came to America pre-1734.

The Brandt family files of Montgomery County PA has the following information on Phililp Brandt.  He was married to Elizabeth and they had the following children:
1. Michael born 1724 - he died Aug. 13, 1794 and wed Anna
2. Christina born 1728 wed Jack Siebegut 1748.
3. Margaret born about 1730 wed Casimer Missimer.
4. Jacob born about 1734
5. Philip born about 1736  "went to some foreign county."
6. George born about 1738 wed Susanna Reinert.

The Pennsylvania Pioneer Vol 1, stated that Philip Brandt, born and educated in Germany, on his journey to America lost his property and was compelled to begin his life under great disadvantage.   I don't know what the "property" was, perhaps the money to start in America.   

 He had a farm near New Hanover that was known by the Continental Army as Philips Brand's farm and from the piece below it was about 250 acres. The militia and army stores were located on Swamp Creek. Fagleyville is just northeast of Pottstown.  Col Fredrick Antes took the title of the land from the widow and heirs of P. Brand, by deed dated
May 21, 1754.  From Historical Society of Montgomery County Sketche Vol III, 1905.

			"I am more than pleased to be able to lay before the public the undeniable fact that Washington with his 
Continental Army laid in New Hanover Township, where Fagleysville is now located, on what was then the following
farms: The Philip Brandt farm of 250 A., the John Fagley farm of [50 A., the minister's or church farm of 100 A.,
where General Wayne had his headquarters, the Andrew Smith farm of 450 A. on which there was at that time a hotel,
it is now Martin Wagner's farm. It was on these farms that the army relies were found by the different inhabitants,
which were dropped there by those poorly clad soldiers, that had neither shoes nor clothing to wear."
from Camp Pottsgrove, September 18th to 26th, 1777.  General Washington with his Continental army at Fagleyville, New Hanover Township,
Montgomery County PA

Philip Brandt died July 1744 when he was about 50 years old.  His wife, Elizabeth died, or was buried, Dec. 7, 1767.   It is not known where they were buried.


If you know the answer please CONTACT US

    1. Where was he born?
    2. Get a copy of the deed to his farm
    3. What was Elizabeth's maiden name?
    4. Where in Germany, were they from?
    5. Find supporting church records, tax records, etc.


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