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Elizabeth Grazebrook was born Shenstone, Staffordshire England about 1559.   There was a long history of Grazebrook/Gresbrooke in the Midlands during this time.  Our Elizabeth was the great grandmother of William Brinton who emigrated to America in 1683/4.  From Pennsylvania Magazine Vol 37, 1913, page 86-7 have an article "Genealogical Gleanings in Great Britain." on the Brinton family.  It states "Thomas Mason's wife Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Grazebrook of Shenston, of a very ancient family of Staffordshire".  Elizabeth's mother was not mentioned.  Thus we believe her parents to be Robert Grazebrook and Ann Clayton.  It is possible that the Robert mentioned in the article was as elder son of Robert and Ann and possible old enough to be Elizabeth's father,  but it is a stretch.

The Gresebrooke family lived and had lived for generations in Gresbrook Hall.  They were a leading family of the Midlands.

The Staffordshire Parish Register for Sedgeley, page 27 show that on Jan 14, 1579 Elizabeth Gresebrook wed Thomas Mason, also of Shenstone.  The records can be found at Dudley Archives and Local History Services.  The church that was active at the time Eliazabeth would have been christened was All Saints in Sedgeley.  Sedgeley is now a northwestern suburb of Birmingham.  Dudley also is due west of Birmingham  

The Sedgley Parish records lists at least 2  children of Thomas (and Elizabeth) Mason.  from pages 30 & 35

1. Ellin Mason, daughter of Thomas Mason, collier, christened Nov 26, 1581.
2. William Mason, son of  Thomas Mason, laborer, christened Dec 17, 1584.

We were unable to read further in the records, but there is probably a wealth of information still available about this family.

A collier is one who works in the coal industry.  That is not surprising as this area is known as the Black Country.  Coal was a major industry.

the Staffordshire Parish Records states Thomas Mason died and was buried at All Saints in Sedgeley June 15, 1601 in Sedgeley. Unfortunately the records are blank from 1610 - 1720.  It is said Elizabeth Gresebrook Mason died in 1628  


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