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The Pennock family was a leading Quaker family in colonial Pennsylvania. The descendants are numerous. Three known books have been written about them:
The Pennocks of Primitive Hall by George Valentine Massey II,
The Pusey Family by Pennock Pusey, and
Christopher Pennock Genealogy, compiled by Charles A. Rudolph, 1959.

Mary Hayes was born about 1780 in Chester County PA.  It is not known for sure who her parents were, but we have a clue.   When Mary Hayes married James Pennock Oct 1, 1799, the Marriage record was signed by Ruth Hayes, widow of Thomas Hayes who had died in 1784.   Marriages from JP Dockets and Church Records, page 39, found at the Chester County Historical society.   They were married by Moses Marshall JP of Marshallton, which is today part of West Bradford Township, Chester County PA. I believe they were probably Quakers, so there may be records there to follow up.  I thought therefore that her parents were Ruth & Thomas Hayes  .However, other than being the main signer of the marriage record, I can find no other support for this Ruth Hayes to be her mother. When she died her will included daughters Sarah, and Rachel, son Reuben and grandchildren Mary and Sarah Hayes who were not yet 18 in 1817. No mention to Mary's son John Pennock who was alive in 1817.     Chester County Will Book 14, page 123

The name Ruth is a common name in the Hayes family.   Now to find why she was the main signer of the Marriage.

The Christopher Pennock Genealogy states also stated that James Pennock  married Mary Hayes on 10/1/1799 and had 3 children.  The first being
1..John Pennock born in 1800 who married Elizabeth Stevens.

This however, is in error.  Mary Hayes Pennock did have son, John Pennock in 1800 but then she died, either then or within a few years.  I could not find the family at all on the 1800 PA Census.  They may have been living with another family.

James Pennock was remarried by 1807 to Mary Thornbury.  re Chester county Wills 1713-1825 for Richard Jones.  He left money to "Robert Thornbury and his daughter Mary Pennock"  It is an interesting will as he also names his sister Ruth Hayes as well as naming nephews, friends, etc.   So we know the community was small and very connected. 

With both of James' wives being named Mary, it was hard to separate them, but in Mary Thornbury Pennock's  will dated 1845, she left 1 dollar to John Pennock, son of James Pennock my late husband, deceased, as well as clearly claiming daughters Ann and Hannah.


If you know the answer please CONTACT US

    1. Where was Mary born?
    2. Confirm her parents
    3. Check the London Grove Meeting 1800's.
    4. Where is she buried?
    5. get Mary Thornbury Pennocks will documentation


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