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Elizabeth Higge was born 1564 probably in Hurst, Berkshires, England.  Her parents are unknown. 

This is one of those stories where multiple generations use the same names and confusion can rule. I found Elizabeth by looking for her daughter Margery.  The Pedigree of Passmores of Bray state that Margery Crockford's father was Ralph Crockford, mother unknown.  However an online source, Stephen Aderholdt refers to research done by Victor Barton, of Plymouth England who read the Hurst Parish records.  He states that Margery Crockford was baptized September 9, 1604 in Hurst, Berkshires by her parents William Crockford and Elizabeth Higge.

Elizabeth Higge wed William Crockford about 1590 in Hurst.  They had at least one known child:
1.Margery Crockford, baptized Sept 9, 1604 married  Raphe Ball about April 15, 1630.  This took place in Hurst. 
I'm guessing that there were other children, unknown at this time.

The parish church, St Nicholas, dates from the 11th Century. As with most parish churches the building has been considerably enlarged by succeeding generations. Inside there are many fine memorials, the earliest dating from the 16th century. The Chancel Screen was painted and gilded during the reign of Henry VII and the pulpit in about 1603. So all would have been in the church when Margery was born.   For a picture of the lovely Norman church click St. Nicholas in Hurst.

                                        The Hurst Parish Records give the year that William Crockford died as 1615 and Elizabeth Higge Crockford  as 1657.  That would make her a very elderly woman in those times.
                                        There was no indication that she remarried.  She would have been a widow for 42 years.


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1. Who were her parents
2.  Where there other children, and what are their names.
3.  Find the documentation of the parish records


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