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Alice Wellsmith was born Jan 16, 1631/32 in Hadwell Parish, Inksborough, Worcester, England.  Her parents are unknown. from Ancestors of Jared Reckie Dahl found online at

In 1659 Alice Wellsmith married George Maris of the same town.  He was a shoemaker and a quaker.  they had 7 known children.  All were born in the Hadwell Parish and all,except the youngest emigrated with their parents to Pennsylvania, married and died there.  Nothing but the birth is known about Susannah.
1.  Alice Maris born Oct 17, 1660, married Jacob Simcock.  She died Dec 10 1726 in Pennsylvania
2.  George Maris Jr. born Dec. 2, 1662, married Jane Maddock.  He died Nov. 1705 in Pennsylvania
3.  Elizabeth Maris born March 1664/65 married John Mendenhall.  She died before 1708 in Pennsylvania
4.  Anna Maris born June 18, 1667 married John Worrilow.  When she died is unclear, but  after 1710 in Pennsylvania
5.  John Maris born May 21, 1669 married Susannah Lewis. He died March 8, 1746/47 in Pennsylvania
6.  Richard Maris born Nov. 20 1672 married Elizabeth Hayes.  He died 1745 in Pennsylvania
7.  Susannah Maris born 1675 death unknown.

George was a practicing Quaker and as such was subjected to fines and imprisonment in England.  He finally decided the only way to live a full life was to emigrate to Pennsylvania, which they did in 1683.  There is a Darby Certificates of Removal: George Maris of Grafton Flyford in Worcestershire produced a certificate from Hadswell Monthly Meeting, Worcestershire, England, for himself, his wife and minor children, recorded 6th day, 3rd mo, 1683.  The Quaker year began in March so I believe this would be May. 

The family sailed for America aboard the ship, Bristol Comfort.  He was granted 400 acres on 16 Oct 1683 in Springfield Township, Chester County, PA.  George built a substantial building of stone, called Home House.  The house remained in the Maris family until the early 1900s.  It still stands at 421 N. State Road, Springfield, PA and there is a website dedicated to the story of the house with a photo. 

The township of Springfield got its name because of the large spring near George's home. He became a minister of the Society of Friends, active in the Chester Monthly meeting. and was justice of holding courts for Chester County from 1685 until 1693.  His children all married into Quaker families of the Chester and Delaware counties PA and stayed near by. 

Alice Wellsmith Maris died March 11, 1699.  George lived another 6 years.  I would guess they were buried on their estate. 


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        1. Who were her parents?
        2. Was there a 7th child Susannah and what happened to her. 
        3. Get documentation for all names and dates
        4. Where were Alice and George buried?


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