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Mary Blanton was born in Virginia about 1810, probably in Cumberland County. Her parents at this time are unknown. She is somehow related to the Blanton family that moved to Rutherford County Tennessee in 1817. However, no direct connection has been made to date.

There was a Salley Blanton, daughter of Thomas and Druscilla Blanton who had married Thomas Burgess in 1821 in Rutherford County. This is documented in Blanton Family Records by Frank Blanton-Unionville, Tennessee. The piece was found in the Bedford County Library. Mary is probably related to this family, but is not their daughter.

What is known for sure is that Mary Blanton wed Edward William Burgess in 1829, Rutherford County, noted in  Rutherford County TN County Court Clerks records and listed in Marriage Records and Bonds 1804-1963 Rutherford Ct. TN.   Others listed that may be connected are:
Thomas Burgess wed Sally Blanton, Jan 2, 1821,
John Burgess wed Nancy Johnson, June 10, 1829,
Elizabeth Burgess wed Bradly Burchett, Dec. 23, 1834, surety by John Johnston.

Both Edward Burgess Jr. and Sr. had been paying Land taxes noted in 1836 and 1837.  in the Armstrong District of  Rutherford county.  Benjamin Blanton also, but he had a lot more land.  I believe it very likely that Benjamin was Mary's brother. from Tennessee Early Tax List Records, 1783-1895, page 20 and 39. The on March 22, 1838, Edward Burgess was granted 6 1/2 acres on the Armstrong branch, west fork of Stones River. southwest of Murfreesboro.   I do not know if this was Jr. or Sr. Burgess.  The earlier tax list indicated that Edward Jr. had 21 acres and Sr. had 10.  I have not found any sale of land

Edward Burgess was a farmer. The known children of Edward and Mary were:
    an eldest son unknown, born about 1831.  note below re 1840 Census.  
1. Elizabeth Burgess born 1832 wed George Wilson
2. James Nelson Burgess born 1835 wed Lizzie (Elizabeth Towell), he died 1914 in Nashville.  Listed as a painter in 1880.
3. Jonathan T. Burgess born 1837 wed Martha J. Stewart  they moved to Livingston Ct, Ky with many other members of the Burgess family
4. Mansfield Burgess born 1838 wed Roberta Fredonia Ray.
5. Jane Burgess born 1841
6. Margaret Burgess born 1843 wed Thomas H Hayes.  they moved to Livingston County KY.
7. Martha Fredonia Burgess born 1845
8. Allice Burgess born 1847. she died 1854
9. Freeson Burgess born 1851
10. W. Burgess born 1853 Ė (a male, probable William)

 The 1840 Census lists Edward Burgess with 4 sons and 1 daughter. The sons were 2 under 5 years old and 2 5-10. There must have been a son born either before or after Elizabeth that died between 1840 and 1850. Bejamin Blanton was just 2 homes away on this census and Thomas Blanton was on the next page.  Another reason, I believe Thomas and Drucilla were her parents and Benjamin her brother.

In 1850, the family is in the Sulphur Springs Rutherford county TN Census, page 15Benjamin Blanton is on page 16.  the eldest son from 1840 is not there.  He may have died, or moved out by that time.  All other children born by that time are present.  Edward Burgess has no real estate.

The family was still in Rutherford County in 1860 - District 9, Rutherford, Tennessee; Roll: M653_1271; Page: 56; where they all went by itinials:
E. Burgess, age 55  Tenant - value of personal property only $200.
M. Burgess, age 50 female
M. Burgess, age 17 female
F. Burgess age 14 female
Fnesan Burgess, age 9 female
W. Burgess, age 7, male

I cannot find the older children on any 1860 Census.  Apparently Edward had sold or lost all his land as he seems to now be a poor tenant.

By 1870, many of the family had moved to Livingston County Kentucky.  It is in North Western Kentucky on the Ohio River.   Margaret and her husband Thomas Hayes are there with William Burgess her young brother.   Jonathan T. Burgess and his wife Martha were there with her mother.   Mary Burgess is keeping house for Manfield and
Bell Wilson, the 3 year old child of Elizabeth and George Wilson.  1870 Livinsgton County KY Census, page 11 & 15

Now for the puzzle.  There is a grave in Leeper Dupriest Cemetery in Livingston County for "Alice Burgess wife of W.E. Burgess Jan 25, 1803 Sept 12, 1877".
So who is Alice????  In fact, I cannot find any documentation that mentions W. E. Burgess after the 1860 census.  Did he die in Tennessee and Mary went with her children to Kentucky.  Could she have changed her name to Alice for some reason?   Was there another W. E. Burgess in Livingston County about the same time with wife Alice, or were William and Mary divorced and he remarried a woman named Alice?

I do not know when Mary Blanton Burgess died or where she is buried.



If you know the answer please CONTACT US.

    1. What was the oldest sonís name and when did he died?
    2. When did Mary die and where is she buried?


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