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There are a lot of Caldwells in Kentucky. They share first names. Information will be carefully sifted and credited. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.

David Caldwell was buried in the Mills Pioneer Cemetery with his wife Catherine. His stone reads " March 15, 1782 - April 2, 1862". Catherine's more simply reads "1785 - 1865". The 1850 census states that he was born in Kentucky. A Caldwell Family History states his parents are David Varna Caldwell and Phoebe Mann.  I can find no original source that confirms the parentage.  However, there are unique family names that occur in the story to connect to this couple, particularly Mann and Dicey.  If anyone has confirming information, please CONTACT US.

The Mills Pioneer Cemetery can be found about one mile south of Salem, Livingston County Kentucky on the road to Pinkneyville. It is on the left side in a stand of trees. It is unkempt and overgrown. Trees have fallen on the lovely stones and there is a lot of poison ivy as of the summer of 1999. The Livingston County Historical Society plans to renovate the cemetery by 2000. That is great news. Some years before the tombstones were read and record made, which can be found at the Historical Society in Smithland.

The book Livingston County, Kentucky Marriage Records Vol. I Oct 1799 to July 1839 film number 851647, 5th item,  states that Catharine Davidson and David Caldwell of Livingston County, wed on June 25, 1807. The bondsman for the couple was Francis M. Caldwell. Also listed was the note that Francis M. had married Nancy Davidson Feb. 7, 1801. His bondsman was John Caldwell. However, we don't know which John.

We have a copy of the bond that was signed for David's marriage to Catherine Davidson. Both David and Frances M. signed their own name. This fits with the family history of the Caldwells being an educated family.

There is a document that can be found in the Caldwell County Library that is entitled Family History, Caldwell. I also found it in Christian County. We do not have the whole piece, but the opening gives the story of John Caldwell and his wife Margaret Phillips and their seven children: William, Thomas, David, Margaret, John, Robert, and Rev. James. It went on to state that David, one of their seven children, married Mary and had children: David Varna Caldwell (1753 to 1840) who married Phoebe Mann and John Caldwell who married Dicey Mann, probably the sister of Phoebe. The other children of David and Mary were Mary, Robert, Thomas, Jane, Jenne, Margaret, Sarah, William and James. Jane and Jenne are possible one person.

The Family History Caldwell goes on to list the 14 children of David Varna and Phoebe:
1. Josiah Jackson born 1774
2. Thomas born 1776
3. Frances Mann born 1778
4. Sally born 1780
5. David born 1782
then James, Dicey, William, Phoebe, John, Cary Allen, Betsey, Jackson Mann, and Samuel.
Click on David Varna above to see the details of this family.

There is a different family history found in the Logan County Library. This one was simply titled Caldwell and is hand written. Again the John Caldwell and Margaret Phillips story is told but without their son John this time. It goes on to note David, their son, wed Mary and had children but only John, who married Dicey Mann, Charles, and "youngest son James" are mentioned. Further, when David died in Virginia, Mary took her children to settle near Danville Kentucky . There is no mention of David Varna Caldwell.

Still we can connect our David with Frances and Frances M with both the Mann and Dicey names. We know that Frances M. Caldwell had a daughter named Dicey. She was named in his will. Caldwell County KY Deed Book L, page 349 Dec. 18, 1843

From Records on Caldwell and Cadwell in Western Kentucky the following names are noted.
1. The 1804 Tax List of Livingston County has David Caldwell with land on Livingston Creek and Licking Creek. It was first entered under the name of Robert Simpson, Peggy Caldwell and William Dean.
2. The 1810 Livingston County KY Census lists the Caldwells: David, David, John, Robert. However neither of the David census records seems to match our young recently married family.
3. The 1810 Caldwell County KY Census lists David Caldwell with 100 acres on Livingston Creek, and Frances Caldwell with 300 acres on Livingston Creek.
4. The 1811 Tax List of Livingston County has David Caldwell on Livingston Creek, and Robert Caldwell on Cumberland River.

Livingston Creek flows into the Cumberland River. In 1804 Livingston County covered the area currently constituted of Crittenden County, most of Lyon, Caldwell and Livingston Counties. In 1810 this area was Livingston County and Caldwell County. Livingston Creek was a dividing line. Caldwell County was created in 1808

Anyone who knows how to sort this, out please CONTACT US.

I am sure there were other children but all the known children of Catherine and David Caldwell are:
1. Evelina Caldwell IGS says born in 1810
2.  Davidson R. Caldwell - note below
2. Zerelda Caldwell born 1816
3. Robert Caldwell  born 1825 re 1850 census.

Another son has come to my attention recently:  Davidson R. Caldwell.   It is believed he is the son of our David and Catherine Davidson born c 1813.   What we know of him comes from Livingston County Marriage Records.  there it states that Davidson R. Caldwell wed Olivia Elizabeth Morgan on Nov. 4, 1836.  The Marriage document was singed by John Barnett who officiated.  This couple moved to Coahoma Ct. Missouri where Olivia died in 1846.  Davidson wed a 2nd time in Arkansas 1853 to Louisa May Davis.

I cannot find census records for this county  until 1850.  This seems very strange.

The 1850 Census of Livingston County, Kentucky , roll M432_210, pag 349 show that:
David Caldwell was 68 and head of household, born Kentucky
Catherine, his wife, was 65, born in New York,
Robert Caldwell age 25, born in Kentucky
Gilley Caldwell age 20, born in Virginia (We believe her to be Robert's wife)
Catherine Caldwell age 1, born Kentucky

The 1860 Census of Livingston County list roll M653_382, page 193 Salem Post Office
David Caldwell - wheelwright, age 78 value $2500, born KY
Catherine age 75, born New York.
with Robert L., just next door, age 35 farmer with family of 5 children.

The Livingston County Courthouse holds a number of Caldwell transactions during the early 1800s. In Deed Book A-C notes in 1806 David Caldwell received a plat for 100 acres on Livingston Creek. Also, in 1817 land was sold that was in David Caldwell's name.

The Caldwell County Tax List of 1812-1814 compiled by Simmons lists in 1812, David Caldwell with 100 Acres, 2 horses 1 white male and no blacks. Frances M Caldwell with 300 acres, 4 horses, 1 white male and no blacks. In 1814 it states David Caldwell on Livingston Creek with 2 horses and 1 white male, Frances M. Caldwell on Donaldson Creek with 3 horses and 1 white male.

The Caldwell County Court house holds a number of Deed transactions made by David Caldwell. In Deed Book B, page 105 is the record of June 2, 1815 when David Caldwell of Caldwell County sold 100 acres in that county on Livingston Creek. At that time Catherine Caldwell, his wife, relinquished her dower right. In Deed Book F page 377 is the record on land he sold to John M. Davidson on June 28, 1831.

David Caldwell died April 2, 1862 in Livingston County.


If you know the answer please CONTACT US.

    1. Where in Kentucky was he born?
    2. Find names of all his children.
    3. Find census 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840



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