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David Caldwell was born July 7, 1708 in Ireland. His parents were John Caldwell and Margaret Phillips. They were either from County Derry and/or County Donegal.  Both are northern counties, Derry in present day North Ireland and Dongeal in Ireland.  A number of sites on Ancestry give his birth place as Ballyboggan, in the parish of Lifford, Donegal.  That is right on the border on North Ireland.  In 1727 the family immigrated to America. They landed at New Castle Delaware on Dec 10, 1727. chughbaxter@msn.com , a  websource said the ship they arrived on was the Eagle Wing.  His source may have been Genealogies of Kenturcky Families "The Daughertys ".  It was a large family group consisting of John & Margaret Caldwell, their five children, two brother-in-laws and their families :Moore Richey and Mr. Dudgeon and Margaret's sisters family, the Daughertys.

John Caldwell settled his family in Chestnut Level, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. It is found in Drumore Township in the southern portion of the county near the Susquehanna River.

About 1734, the family moved to Lunenberg Virginia. A simple statement, but read about the historical significance of this event under John Caldwell's story.  They formed a settlement on Cub Creek known as Caldwell Settlement. There a Presbyterian Church was established, chiefly through the influence of John Caldwell. Cub Creek is claimed to be the oldest Presbyterian Congregation in Virginia. It is in present day Charlotte County. A plaque marks the location of the church. Most of this information is written about in a number of documents. Two were found in the Logan County, KY library: one entitled Family History, Caldwell, and the other simply titled Caldwell. Footes Sketches of Virginia 2nd Series, page 50 gives 1738 as the date of the settlement at Cub Creek.

David married Mary Dudgeon about 1745. She was born in 1730 in Ireland. The Dudgeons were among the families that immigrated together with the Caldwells. David and Mary were first cousins. David was at least 37 years old by that time. The information on this family came from a Caldwell bulletin board on the web. We will try to get source information. It stated that David was born July 7, 1708 in Donegal, Ireland. Donegal is the northern most part of present day Erie, just west of North Ireland.

Ten children of David and Mary Caldwell are listed below. They were all mentioned in the Will of David Caldwell, noted below as well as  Family History, Caldwell.

1. John Caldwell born 1749 wed 1) Dicey Mann & 2) Jane Neely
. William Caldwell wed Susannah Chinn
3. David Varner Caldwell born March 11, 1753 wed Phoebe Mann
4. Mary Thankful Alice Caldwell wed 1) Beverly Mann & 2) Abraham Smith
5. Margaret Caldwell wed Thomas Epperson
6. Jane (Jeane) Caldwell wed 2)Robert Lumkins We don't know the first husband.
7. Robert Caldwell wed Hannah Willis
8. James Caldwell born 1765 wed Angeline Isham
9. Sarah Caldwell wed John Owens
10. Thomas Caldwell born 1769
11. Charles Caldwell - a possible additional child.

The Lunenburg County VA court Order book  1748-1752 has many references to David Caldweel.  he was asked to appraise estates, Maintain road, build bridge,and there were a few suits he petitioned for and was the subject of a grievance over an apparisal.  All of wich shows a man working to support his community with their trust. 

The web source goes on to note David CALDWELL served as Justice of the Peace, Charlotte County, VA. His Will is found on page15, Book 1 of Charlotte County, dated 14 Oct 1765, probated 6 Mar 1769. It mentions wife, Mary, and children, John, David, William, Thomas, Robert, James, Margaret, Sarah, Mary, and Jeane.

The handwritten family history simply titled Caldwell mentioned above also mentions the same will. However, there are quotes picked up from the will. First the phrase "I give to my son John 150 pounds, 30 pounds each year to defray my son Charles in learning". This calls into question two items. John must have been an adult, at least 16 and probably older in 1765 when the will was written. Therefore he must have been born by or before 1749. That would match his being listed as the oldest. Charles is not listed in the first source. Is this an eleventh child?

The second phrase from the will noted in Caldwell: " I do order that my well beloved wife Mary keep possession of the place willed to my youngest son James during her natural life or widowhood, but should she marry and her husband will give good security to my executors that he will school and bring up my children in a Christian manner, he may keep possession of said place until the above James comes of age." This tells us that David felt strongly about education and Christian training. It does raise a question about the inclusion of Thomas in the will. He could have been born just before or after the death of his father, but why is his name included in the web list. Was his name added after 1765? Or was he older than James and his birth year incorrect?

David Caldwell was buried at Cub Creek Presbyterian Church along with his bothers William Caldwell, Thomas Caldwell and his parents John and Margaret Caldwell. The church no longer stands. From the history entitled Cub Creek Church and Congregation.  page 34-35.Caldwell goes on to note that Mary moved in 1784 to Kentucky and settled near Danville in Caldwell Station . Many of the Caldwell's settled there. Danville is currently the county seat of Boyle County but Boyle County did not exist until after 1840. Danville was right on the dividing line between Mercer county and Lincoln County. Indeed Caldwells are found in both.

The Filson's Map of Kentucky 1784 has a point near Danville marked "Caldwell's Station". We have a copy of the map and Caldwell's Station is due west of Danville on the Salt River. They had been there a few years. The History of Kentucky 1884 by Butley & Perrin states in their Bio Sketch of Charles Caldwell on page 745 that Robert Caldwell moved from Virginia to Danville area in 1781. Robert is listed as Mary & David's seventh child. It is possible that the whole family moved together in 1781. We also have David Varna's son David who reported on the 1850 Livingston County KY Census that he was born in Kentucky in 1782.

Mary Caldwell's will can be found in Mercer County, KY Will Book 6, p 301, 1820.

The Caldwell Bulletin board site goes on to note that the MANNS, Phoebe and Dicey were sisters. Probably Beverly Mann was their brother. The MANN family also intermarried with the RANDOLPH family of VA and one of the governors was Thomas Mann RANDOLPH . Henry ISHAM's daughter wed William RANDOLPH, Governor of VA. These families were very involved in forming the US of America!

The Caldwells were active church leaders. Josiah Jackson Caldwell, David Varna Caldwell's first son, was a founder of The Mud Meeting House near Harrodsburg in 1800. This is about 10 miles north of Danville. John Caldwell, brother to David Varna, was active in founding Bethel church near Campbellsville, KY in 1800, about 20 miles southwest of Danville. Robert Caldwell, another brother to David Varna, founded Caldwell Church near Danville. And of course the Caldwell family founded Cub Creek Church in Virginia.




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