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James Holmes was born about 1600 in Ireland, probably what is now Northern Ireland.  One website, Nicholsonfam.net said he was born in Ruskington, Lincolnshire.  If so, then he moved to Ireland.   All the info I have is third hand.  I have no documentation, but will continue to search for real records. 

About 1631 he married Jane Scott Jennings in Derry.  Lady Jane was said to be the only daughter of Francis Jennings and Jean Scott. re a contributor to My Heritage.  But still no documentation

Their only known child was Mary Holmes, born by June 16, 1632 in Fermanaugh, Londonderry Michael Warner online states that she was christened in Derry Cathedral.  It is certainly possible.  The Cathedral is the oldest building in Londonderry and was completed in 1633. It is a trip from Fermanaugh so may have taken time to get there and the pull of the new cathedral may have been the incentive.  Mary Holmes married John Caldwell June 6, 1654 in Londonderry.

Nothing further is know about this couple.


If you know the answer please CONTACT US.

1. Need source documentation for this couple



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