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Robert Mann was born about 1645 possibly in Surry County Va.  His parents are unknown but may have been Thomas Mann transported Sept 1628 into south side of Warwick River (renamed James River) .  Much of the data comes from Elise Jourdan and her wonderful research.

Robert married Isabel about 1675 probably in County Surry, . Her maiden name is unknown. However William Griffin, wrote a will recorded pg 26, Henrico Ct, VA Wills Part 1: 1677-1698.  "his eldest son William Griffin was to go to Robert Man until age 18....youngest daughter Elizabeth is to go to Isabell Mann until age 18".  It is possible that William and Elizabeth were Isabell's siblings. However there were two more children of William Griffin noted in the will: Son Thomas to go to John Greene until he was 18 years of age and Margaret Griffin who received his bed and a pewter dish.   Robert Mann was executor of William Griffin's will.  His wife must have predeceased him.

If they started in Surry County they soon left for Robert and Isabell Mann were part of the Varina parish of Henrico County.  He was listed as a thithable in 1679.

Their children are listed below:
1.  Robert Mann Jr.
2.  Thomas Mann
3. Francis Mann
4. Mary Mann
5. Jane Mann

Robert Mann and Evan Baker, als Belonge received a Patent of 89 acres dated April 16, 1683.  It was on south side of James River and north side of Swift Creek.for transportation of two persons (unnamed) from VA Patent Book 7, page 278.   A year later Eve Bellange "assigns his whole interest" to Robert Mann, dated Aug. 1 1684. from Henrico county Wills and Deeds 1677-1692, page 276, abstracted by Benjamin B. Weisiger III.

On Aug. 2, 1686 119 acres on north side of Swift Creek, was transferred from William Greenfield (how had the Patent) to Thomas Totty and Robert Man.  the upper half to Totty so Robert Mann recieved the lower half. Henrico County Court records   There is a drawing on  Documents Relating To Robert Mann, Sr. of Henrico Co., Virginia - on rootsweb that show the 119 acres (being long and narrow running north to south) adjacent to and on the western side of the first 89 acres.  So he would now own 148/9 acres.

 The Henrico County Deeds 1677-1705 notes that on page 291 Robert Mann sold to George Hunt 50 acres which were "part of" land he had purchased of James Franklin.  The land was on the north side of Swift Creek which is south of Richmond, into current Chesterfield County.   Best of all Izabella, wife of Robert Mann, relinquished her dower right.  Recorded July 31, 1702.

Robert Mann sr. died summer of 1713.  His will is in Henrico Co Wills and Admins (1662-1800), page 220.  The will was written on April 20 1712 and recorded July 6, 1713.  He names his wife Isabell.  She was to have the plantation she lives on down to Hounds Ditch for life, then it was go to son Thomas.
Robert Mann Jr. received the land he lives on and 12 p.  The other children each received 12p each.  Isabell the remainder.  Witnesses were William Dobson, Henry Vaden, Thomas Bott

We do not know when Isabell died.



If you know the answer please CONTACT US.

1. Where and when were Robert and Isabel born?

2. Confirm Isabella's father was William Griffin?

3. need dates & details on  children.

4.  What was Hounds Ditch?  title of the estate?

5.  When did Isabella die?

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