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Griffiths Phillips was born about 1675 possibly in Derry Ireland according to the online Ancestral File.

Griffith married Janet McCoullough about 1700. They had three known daughters who immigrated to America in 1727. They were:
1. Margaret Phillips born 1702 married John Caldwell in Ireland, died 1748 in VA
2. female married Mr. Dougherty in Ireland, also died in Virginia.
3. Jane Phillips married George Caldwell, Johnís brother.

The story of the Caldwell family is well documented and where mention is found of the Phillips sisters. One document found in the Logan County, KY library entitled Family History, Caldwell, includes the story of Margaret and her sister. They were either from County Derry or County Antrim, the two northern counties of present day North Ireland.

This is very limited and all must be confirmed.  


If you know the answer please CONTACT US.

    1. Where is Griffiths from?
    2. Where is Janet from?
    3. What is the name of Margaretís sister?
    4. What are the names of other children?
    5. Confirm that Griffiths and Janet are indeed Margaretís parents.


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