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                                         The Story as I Know It:

Edmund Rutter was born  sometime between 1700 - 1710.  His date is based on the fact that when he died in 1755 all his children were under age.  Which puts his marriage date about or after 1735.  I have no direct confirmation of his age.  It is believed that he was the son of Edmund Rutter and maybe Ann Ricketts.

  Milton on Ancestry.com has a lengthy discussion that highlighted an inventory of the estate of John Rutter dated 1706 in Dorchester County Maryland.  The appraisal was done by Richard and Edmun(d) Rutter. He believes this John Rutter was the father of Edmund and John Rutter who lived mid 18th century in Western Maryland.  I will follow this assumption until I can find further confirming evidence one way are the other.  I do not know now how Richard fits into the picture.  Dorchester is on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay.  Cambridge is the County seat.  

If our Edmund Rutter was born in Dorchester County, then he moved to Frederick County  sometime before his death in 1755.  Edmund Rutter is found in the Frederick County Land Records 1748-1761, compiled by P.A. Anderson.  The first record is from May 7, 1753 where he recorded his brand for cattle and pigs.  There are 3 others, one from 1753, and two from 1754.  I need to get details and original copies.   It is believed that John Rutter who  had patent on Rutter's Delight, 100 acres, in Washington County is Edmund's brother.  His patent is dated from 3/7/1738. Early Settlers of Washington County Md Plat map shows the patent as L-38 on map #17, #40.  I believe it is about 5 miles west of Funkstown. John also had another patent of 100 acres, Gaming Alley, dated May 10, 1752.

kb15579@roadrunner.com believes that Edmund married Ann Ricketts about 1730, but there is no documentation.  A number of other web sources believed his wife's name to be Ann. 

Edmund left a will.  It is noted in the Index of MD Colonial Wills 1634-1777, lib 30, pg 72.  It was printed in the Western Maryland Genealogy Vol I, pg 115.  The will is dated June 4, 1755, "Edmund Rutter of All Saint's Parish Frederick County  being very sick...".  He wanted his whole estate sold, his wife to receive a third and the rest divided among the children: Benjamin, James, Edmund, Mary, Elizabeth, and  Priscilla.  All were juveniles.  He left directions for them to "learn a trade". His wife was never named.   She must have done well by her sons, for years later it was written about James Rutter that he "was an exceptionally educated man for his day, being known as civil engineer and surveyor".  from Livingston County Kentucky Histories and Families. 

I have checked the All Saint's Records but could find nothing about the Rutter family.  There are records that place sons Benjamin and Edmund in Western Maryland:
   *   Benjamin Rutter signed a petition in 1766.
   *   Edmund married and lived his life in Hagerstown, and was active in the St. Johns Parish Episcopal Church
James was probably the youngest son.  He apparently moved to Pennsylvania with his mother (and sisters?)

If you know the answer please CONTACT US.

1. Confirm Edmund's father.
2. Who was his mother?
3.  What was his wife's name?
4.  When and where did they wed?
5.  When did they move to Frederick County?
6.  What are the birth dates for all the children?
7.  Where is Edmund buried?
8.  Check the County court records for the deed transfers of the estate and apprentiship of his sons?
9.  What is the source of info that his widow moved to Pennsylvania?

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