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Mary Myers was born in 1759. Her parents were Jacob Myers and Margaret Bauer.

According to the Marriage Record 1771-1779 of Baltimore City Court House Md. Mary Myers married Thomas Yates on August 27, 1778. He had arrived in the city in 1774 from England.  They were thithers to St. Pauls Parish, listed in both 1774 and 1787.  He served as Captain, maybe Colonel, in the Maryland Militia during the Revolutionary War.  Thomas Yates is specifically mentioned in her father, Jacob Myer's will as son-in-law. 

Beginning in 1781, there are numerous sales of property lots by Thomas Yates.  From Baltimore Deed Book W.G. Gook G. , pages 256- 260 is describe an indenture entered into by Thomas Yates and Jacob Myers, gentlemen.  It was witnessed by Charles Myers.  They rented 16 acres in Mountenays Neck - on the east side of Jones Falls next to the current Patterson Park.  It would seem that that was then divided into lots which Thomas Yates sold over the next 3 - 5 years.  Exactly how that worked I do not know.  But there are numerous sales of Lots by Thomas Yates during the 1780s.

It is known that they had one daughter Margaret Yates who was born about 1780 and married Jacob Walsh Jr. .
They also had son Charles Yates, born 1789 who died July, 1810,  his obit was in the Baltimore F? Gazette, July 14, 1810. 
There was also a Mary Yates.  Whether she was a daughter or widow of Charles Yates is not yet known.

from Baltimore Land records Book WG 158, page 188, on Dec 23, 1820 an undivided part of land owned by Jacob Myers (I think deceased) was sold to Robert Harper and Samuel Moale by:
William Myers
Elizabeth and Richard Lewis
Margaret and Jacob Walsh Jr.
Elizabeth Fisher
Mary Yates
They were heirs, children and grandchildren  of Jacob Myers

In the book Marriages and Deaths from Baltimore Newspapers 1796-1816 by Barnes, "Mrs. Mary Yates, died Monday eve. at Springfield, near Baltimore, aged 37; consort of Col. Thomas Yates." It had been in the Baltimore FG, Dec 14, 1796.   Col Yates eventually remarried and died in 1815.


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