ANNETTE  mother of Peirre Croyeau


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Annette  was born about 1790 in Paris, France.

The family story is that she had a son Pierre Augustine Croyeau, born 1817/18. He used to play near the Arc de Triumph. She was very concerned that he might be hurt by all the soldiers in the area, or perhaps that he would be drafted into Napoleon's army. She sent him to live with her sister and her husband in Philadelphia PA.   We know nothing about her marriage, parents, or other possible children.

The uncle's  name was Augustus Paris. Her sister's name was Margaret.  I sure would like to know her birth name.  He entered America in 1828 and on May 7, 1834 declared his intention to become an American Citizen.  Augustus was 35 years old at the time, so was born about 1799.  This is from the Court of Common Pleas Philadelphia Vol 6, page 293.

John Augusta Parris died without a will.  His Administration records are in Book O, page 268, file #73 of Philadelphia in the year 1836. I found this in the Index of Wills and Admin Records Philadelphia 1832-1850 compiled by Richard and Mildred Willaims.    The Administrator was Margaret Parris.  She appeared in court on March 22, 1836 to swear that he had died without a will.  His goods were valued at $7000.

The Philadelphia City Directory 1840 has "Canelle Danguy, Hair dresser from Paris (Successor to A. Paris) 56 S. 4th St."  So 4 years later, the store still uses A. Paris' name.   By 1840, Pierre Croyeau was living in Baltimore with a family..

The family story was that Pierre Croyeau inherited the store, which he sold and moved to Baltimore with his young bride. However, he was not mentioned in the court records and I cannot find any deed transferring the store from Pierre A. Croyear to another owner.

Pierre Croyeau became an importer and made many trips to Paris. Perhaps he visited his mother on those trips.

The family has a portrait painted of Annette  Croyeau. We will try to get a photo of it included on this web page.  It is not known when she died, but assumed it was in Paris.


If you know the answer please CONTACT US

    1. Where and when was she born?
    2. What was her birth name?
    3. Who were her parents?
    4. Were there other children?

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