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A man whose last name was Ward married Phoebe Hubbard about 1815. We have no first name. He either died or left her because she first appears to the Baltimore family as Phoebe Hubbard Ward with three young children. The Baltimore family historically said she was "from the north-east". Possible Philadelphia was "north-east" but she may have been from New York or Connecticut. Tradition has it that she was related to Nathan Hale. He was from Connecticut. I have been unable to make the connection. We do know that their one daughter was born in New York State, but town or county is unknown.

Phoebe and Mr. Ward had three known children. They were
1. Eddie Ward who wed Laura and had son Eddie. Family tradition said he was a sea captain in Philadelphia.
2. William H.Ward, a lawyer, died Sept 4, 1868 and is buried at Greenmount Cemetery in Baltimore.
3. Phoebe Hubbard Ward born 1820 in New York, married Pierre Augustine Croyeau and died May 26, 1882. She is also buried in Greenmount in the Croyeau plot.

The bible also lists the death of Aleis Evelyn Ward on July 28, 1871 and is buried in South Sea Cemetery Portsmouth, England. It is unknown who this person is.


If you know the answer please CONTACT US

    1. What was his name?
    2. Where was he born?
    3. What happened to him?
    4. How is Aleis Evelyn Ward connected to the family?
    5. Trace or disprove the Nathan Hale connection.

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