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Matthew Boswell was born about 1730 in Charles County Maryland possibly on  land called Boswell's Desert.  His family had been in Maryland since at least 1672 and perhaps earlier.  His father was Matthew Boswell. We'll call him Matthew Sr.   His mother was Ann, possibly Wilson.

Charles County Land Record Book A#2, 1752-1756, on page 273:. Matthew Boswell Sr. of Charles County, planter gave to William Boswell and Matthew Boswell, planter, for the natural love he has for his sons, 3000 lbs of tobacco and a tract of land called Boswells Desert.  bounded by a small branch that falls into Portobacco Main Branch, containing about 100 acres- divided equally.  Ann, wife of Matthew relinquished her right of dower. dated Jan 14, 1755, and recorded Feb.3 1755.  Neat! I love early Maryland deeds.

In 1756 there was a deed where by William Boswell sold his brother, Matthew Boswell half a tract of land called "Mary's Delight, adjoining a tract called "Boswell Desert". The land was in Charles County near the head of Portobacco Branch, starting on the north side of Portobacco adjacent to Boswells Desert:  74 acres with buildings, garden and orchards, Recorded Charles County deed April 3, 1756.  That should put it just to the north of the village of White Plains, Maryland.  It is probable that their father had died after Feb. 3, 1755 and before April 3, 1756 and the elder son, William had inherited the property still owned by their father, Matthew Sr.  He then sold half the property so that both brothers had equal shares of the two tracks owned by their father.   There is no evidence so far of a will for Matthew Sr., and no records after 1755 that include him.

Then the icing is ten years later, Charles county Land Record Book O#3, 176,-1770, page 202 Matthew Bosell and William Bosell , his brother of Prince Georges county sold to John Hannon and Alexander Hannon  Mary's Delight and Bosell Desert.  Recorded June 9, 1767.  and signed by William Bosell, son of Matthew Bosell,& Matthew Bosell Jr.  Both wives relinquished their right of dower, Eleanor and Catherine."wives of the said Mathew Bosell and William Bosell".  The "w" was left out through-out this document, but they should all be translated as Boswell. The puzzling item, and it may have been in the transcription is that the signatures were in the order  William then Matthew.  The wives Eleanor and then Catherine, the wives of Matthew and William.  switching the men's names caused some confusion.

Matthew Boswell the younger, married Catherine about 1764.  They lived  in Charles county. Fortunately we know that Catherine was Matthew's wife because of the St. Johns Parish Records of Prince George County Maryland.  On page 98 it clearly says "John, son of Matthew and Catharine Boswell was born Dec, baptized Jan 24th, 1768".  There is a wikipedia entry for this parish with lovely photos:,_Maryland%29  It is in Fort Washington and at least 15 miles and two river crossings away.  It must have been an event to have their children christened.  Possibly the cleric made village calls.

 It is know they had 10 children from his will noted below:
1. Chloe Boswell born after 1764, married a Robey
2.  Elkanah Boswell born after 1764 wed Anne Moreland
3.  Elizabeth Boswell, born Nov. 17, 1765 in Christening record St. John's Parish, Prince George's county , married a Robey
4.  John Boswell, born Dec 1767 in King George Parish, Prince George's County
5.  Henry Boswell, born before 1771
6.  Priscilla Boswell, born c 1772 in Charles county she married William Moreland
7.  Eleanor Boswell, born 1772 in Christening record St. John' parish, Prince George's county,  married Charles Tippert.
8.  Matthew Boswell, born maybe 1773 in Charles county- maybe twins.  Matthew wed Ann Wood Mankin Charles County Inventories 1902-1808, page 407
9.  Ignatius Boswell, born 1773 Charles county wed Elizabeth Kerrick
10. Sarah Boswell, born, after 1773, known as Sally in the will, married a Nalley.

Catherine Boswell, Matthew's wife died after 1773.  By the time he wrote his will he was married to Jane, last name unknown.

The 1790 Head of Families- Maryland has both Ignatius Boswell and John Boswell, son of Matthew.  Then many others who were probably cousins. Our Matthew was not on the list, but John had 2 males over 16, so perhaps his father and step mother were living with him at the time.

Matthew Bowell wrote his will, Sept 30, 1799.  It was proved Jan 27, 1800, Charles County MD Wills 11556.  He names his wife Jane
children:  Chloe Robey, Elkanah, John Boswell, Henry, Priscilla Moreland, Eleanor Tippert, Matthey, Ignatius, and Sarah Nalley. 
daughter Elizabeth was deceased, named her daughter Elizabeth Robey


If you know the answer please CONTACT US

    1. Confirm that his mother was Ann Wilson
    2. What were the birth names of his wives, particularly Catherine?
    3. Get birth dates on all children.

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