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The Story as I know it:

Rutha A. Clampett (Clampit) was born about 1775 probably in  Delaware.  Her family moved to Rowan County North Carolina by 1787. Rowan County Tax list 1787  A  year later, Iredell County was created out of part of Rowan County.  

Moses Clampet is n the 1790 Iredell County Census: M 637, roll 7, page 398
1 male > 16 - Moses
2 males < 16 - maybe Elisha and Jonathan
3 females  - his wife, Elizabeth and Rutha

There are no other Clampets on the same roll page.

 Her father was Moses Clampett  Shelby County Ky Will Book #5, page 114.  It names daughters Rutha Greenwood and Elizabeth Patrick. It is not known who her mother was or when she died.  The Clampett family had moved on to Kentucky, perhaps as early as 1797.    Rutha's brother Jonathan married in Washington Ct. Ky to another Delaware native Nancy Catlin on Aug. 14, 1797 re  Kentucky Marriages, 1802-1850    

Rutha Clampett married Will Greenwood on August 5, 1806 in Lincoln Ct. from Lincoln County Kentucky Marriage Index  We know this is our Rutha and William because the unusual name Rutha appears in the children of Rutha and William and the Clampitt family lives in close proximity to the Greenwood family when they moved on to Trimble county. The William Greenwood family has 1 female over 45, (Rutha was a bit older than William) a male 26-45 and 3 sons under 10, 2 from 10 - 16. 1820 Shelby Co. Ky census  M33_24, page 167.

According to a personal record of the Maddox family written by Ernest Greenwood Maddox about 1920, the children of Rutha and William Greenwood were Joseph, John C., Elisha, Isaac, and Moses.  The 1860 Trimble County census again gives us ages:
1. Joseph age 52, born 1808 in Lincoln County married to Nancy Peggs
2. John was born about 1810 and died before 1850 leaving his wife Martha with at least 2 children. She had not remarried by 1870.
3. Elisha, age 48, born 1812 in Lincoln Ct.
4. Isaac, age 44, born in 1816 in Kentucky
5. Moses, age 42, born 1818 in Shelby Ct

The 1830 Oldham County Kentucky Census roll 40, page 296 finds a number of family together.   The William Greenwood family has both male and female 50 - 60 years old and 4 sons at home and eldest son Joseph Greenwood is listed just next to them. No daughters lived in the household.  Also, nearby are the Peggs and Moreland families.  The 1840 Trimble County Kentucky Census roll, page lists Joseph Greenwood with wife both 30-40 and one male 50-60.  This is most likely our William and Rutha had died sometime after 1830.

Tracing the family through counties brings up the issue of County formation.  My surmise is that the family started in Lincoln county and between 1812 and 1818 had moved to a spot that was first in Shelby County, created in 1792, then Oldham County, created in 1823 from Shelby County and finally in Trimble County, created in 1837 from Oldham County, without ever moving.

William Greenwood married Mary Parham on Sept 27, 1842 in Trimble County.  He died sometime after 1860 and before 1870 when Mary Greenwood was listed alone on the federal census.  It is not known where Rutha, William or Mary are buried.


If you know the answer please CONTACT US.

1.  Who was Rutha's mother?

2. Where and when was Rutha born?

4. When did Rutha die and where is she buried?

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