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"John Hatch, an interesting character in early Maryland history." This and some of the following material are from Charles County Gentry by Harry Wright Newman.

John Hatch was born 1614. The Whitten Family by Elizabeth Whitten
He was probably born in England. His parents are unknown.

He was transported into Maryland in 1637 by John Leuger to serve as secretary. MD patent liber 1, page 19 and Early Setters of Maryland by Skordas. John Hatch settled in St. Mary's County MD. His name is found often in the court records there. He was an attorney.

On Nov 24 1641, John Leuger demanded 100 acres of land for transporting John Hatch. He then assigned all rights to John Hatch and John Thompson.

Abraham Janson of Edem Holland, who must have an official position in St. Mary"s County stated "I do constitute and appoint my loving friend, Mr. John Hatch, my true friend and lawful attorney in MD." Whitten

Court records liber 2, page 511, show that in 1647 Mrs. Hatch, wife of John was transported to Maryland. One website stated that she was Anne Spinke but we have no documentation or other reference to Anne Spinke.

The only known child of John Hatch was Mary Hatch who wed John Dent, also an early leader in Maryland.

On Sept 1649 John demanded 250 acres of land due him by assignment from Mr. Thomas Gerrard, gent. That same day a warrant to the surveyor was made to lay out 200 acres for John Hatch upon the Potomac River. He already held land on the west side of Wicomico Point. By Oct 22, 1650, his solid place in the community was seen by the wording "a parcel of land laid out for planter, John hatch on the west side of Wicomico River and on the south side of Hatch's Creek". Whitten

John Hatch was a well-known liberal and opportunist. The Charles Coutny MD court and Land Records Vol I notes that he was a Commissioner in 1653. He was one who served on the governing body of the Province of Maryland from 1654 to 1658.

The History of St. Mary's Ct MD 1664 - 1990 by Regina Combs Hammett tells the story of an attempt to raise a meeting in Charles County in 1660 for the purpose to discredit Lord Baltimore. John Hatch and Thomas Gerald were fined for this action.

Hammett includes as part of John Hatch's career a stint as Sheriff in 1678.

It is not known when he died but it was after 1678 and before Oct. 1682. During a session on October 12, 1682 of the governing council, Thomas Perry of St. Mary’s County stated "…..which Dent heard Ffendall say at his ffather in law Hatch’s funeral….."

It is not known where John Hatch is buried.




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