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Henry Maddock was born in Nantwich, Cheshire England Nov. 27, 1642.  His parents were Henry Maddock, joyner and Jane Dannyell. Cheshire Parish Records,
digital folder # 004011550
.also FHL film # 1752199  with graditude to Julia Mortensen an excellent researcher.  Also his death notice gives the same year.
It is noted a bottom of story.

from "Joseph West and Jane Owen" by Celeste Terrell Boarnhill, page 50 is a chapter on Henry Maddock.  It states that Henry Maddock was born in Lome or Loom Hall, Cheshire England.  On a recent trip to Cheshire we did a diligent search for Loom Hall and could find no reference to such a place.  Julia Mortensen was able to finally solve the problem when she found Hulme Hall about 15 miles NNE of Nantwich.  We believe this is the unfindable Loom Hall. I could easily envision his father, a joyner working for the owner of Hulme Hall. 

"Henry Maddocks of Nantwich, joyner wed Elizabeth Kennerley of Welsbarley of Middlewich, spinster at Acton or Nantwich"  Chester Marriage License Vol V, 1661-1667. Middlewich is a market town 10 miles north of Nantwich.  Perhaps Welsbarley was the name of a house in that town. Acton is a small village just next to Nantwich, but the term also refers to an ancient parish in Nantwich hundred.

We believe that Henry and Elizabeth Maddock had at least 3 children:  all known in Pennsylvania.
1.  John Maddock, born c1665
2.  Mordecai Maddock, born c 1667
3.  Jane Maddock, born c 1670, wed George Maris 1690 in Chester County PA.

A website which  lists immigrant ships arriving 1683, havea list of people with the name of the villages and towns they came from.  On this list the servants were said to be "servants to Henry Maddock Henry arrived on another ship in November of 1683. http://files.usgwarchives.net/pa/chester/immig/ships1683.txt  This is a partial registry of arrivals, made between 1682 and 1698.

		Many who arrived came as servants, bound to serve a certain length of time, and it was on this account that a record was
		made(although other names are also listed).  The original of this list is at the PA Historical Soc..
   			 I've tried to leave the spelling and often strange punctuation as is...

			Fran Rosell late of Maxfield in Cheshire, in Old England, millinr, came in the "Endeavr." of London, 
Geo. Thorpe Mr. arrived here the 29, 7 MO, 1683. Michel rosell, late of the same place, husbandman, came in the said vessell. tho; Janeway (Janney) and Margaret of Pownell in cheshire, husbandman'children Jacob, thomas, Abel and Joseph Janeway;
servants, JOhn Neild,Hannah ffalknr. JOs. Milnr. and Ann his mother, late of Poonnell,blacksmith; children,Sarah and Ralph Milnr. Ralph Milnr. and Rachell his wife, late of ditto, carpentr, came in vessel; child Robert. Tho; Pierson and Margt. his wife, late of ditto, mason. John his brother and mary smith his sister, all of the same place John Nickson and Margery his wife, late of Powell in Cheshire, husbandman; children John, Thomas, James, Nehemiah, Joseph and Shedrick Nickson; servant James Whitaker. Mary, Jane Margery and Elizabeth Nickson (children) John Clous and Margery his wife late of Bosworth in cheshire, husbandman,; children, Wm., Margery and Rebeckah clous; servants Jos; Charley, John richardson, sam: Hough. Richard Hough, late of Maxfield in Cheshire, husbandman; servants ffran;Hough, Jam: Sutton, Tho: Woodhouse, Mary Woodhouse. Fran: Stanfield and Graas his wife, late of Garton in Cheshire, husbandman,; childlren, Jam: Mary, sarah, Eliz: Gras and Hannah ;servants - Dan: Browne, Thos: Marsey; Isa: Brookersby, Rob. SidBotham, John Smith, Robt. Bryan, Wm Redway, Thos; Sidbotham/ John Maddock, Joynr.Richard clous, Joynr John Clous, shoemaker Char: Kilbeck, glover - all of Nantwitch in Cheshire, Geo: Philipps & Ralph Duckard, servants to Henry Maddock. Daniel Sutton, Taylor.John Presonr, blacksmith both of Maxfijeld in Cheshire, came in ditto shipp & Jo: Charlesworth, tanr. of the same place. John Howell and Mary his wife, late of Budworth in Cheshire, Husbandman, and Hannah his daughr. Ann Robothan, servt. to the Master. of the sd. Ketch.

We believe that the John Maddock mentioned was the son of Henry.  A statement about this John is found in The Welcome Society of Pa, Penn's Colony vol. 1, page 88-89.  It says  "John Maddocks, joiner, from Nantwich, Cheshire, arrives on Endeavor in 1682, marries Margaret Kent 28 Jan 1690 by Philadelphia (Quaker) Meeting; buys 50 acres in Nether Township, Chester Co., in 1691, sells land 10 Nov 1692; fined for uttering "Scandalous and dishonourable words" against the proprietor (Chester court Records,); moves away, do not know where. "  Note that he was accompanied by two servants.  So was he older than 18, well off, or under the care of someone else?

There is an online site of  "Individual Ships of Penn's Fleet and Their Passengers"  http://chester.pa-roots.com/misc/individual_ships_of_penn.htm  this differs from the Welcome Society paragraph above and adds additional information.  It states that John Maddocks arrived on the Endeavor 7th month, 29th day, 1683.  I translate that to Sept 29, 1683. Here is the complete listing. very slightly different then the above listing.


 a ketch, master Geo Thorp, landed 7mo 29, 1683.
Fran; Rosell, millinr; ;Miscall Rosell husbandman
Jos. Milnr & his mother Ann...blacksmith; children Sarah and Ralph Milnr
Tho: Janeway & wife Margaret, husbandman - children Jacob, Thomas, Able & Joseph; servants;  John Neild, Hannah ffalkner
Ralph Milnr & wife Rachel,  carpenter - child Robert Milnr
John Nicholson & wife Margery, husbandman - children John, Tho;, James, Nehemiah, Joseph,   Shedrick.  Servant - James Witakr
Thos. Pierson & wife Margt, mason - his brother John and Mary Smith his sister
John Clous and wife Margery, husbandman - children Wm, Margery, Rebecckah;                 servants Jos.  Charley, John Richardson, Sam: Hough
Richard Hough, husbandman - servants - ffran Hough, Jam: Sutton, Tho. &                           Mary Woodhouse
Fran: Stanfield and wife Graas, husbandman; Children - Jam:. Sarah, Mary, Eliz:, Grass, Hannah -                         servants - Dan: Browne, Tho: Marsey, Isa" Brookesby, Rob: & Tho. Sidbotham, John Smith, Robt Bryan, Wm Rudway
John Maddock, Richard Clous-joynrs, John Clous-shoemaker,  Char. Kilbeck-glover
Geo; Philips & Ralph Duckard - servants to John Maddock
Daniel Sutton - taylor, John Presonr - blacksmith, Jo:Charlesworth - tanr, John Oudfield
John Howell & wife Mary Husbandman - Hannah, his daughter
Mary Taylor - children Isaack, Tho:, Jona:, Pheb:, Mary, Martha
Anne Robotham,  servant to the master of the Ketch
Mary Taylor, wife of Robert (who had probably come over previously)"

  The timing and general vicinity makes it a reasonable surmise that John was Henry's son. from Chester (UK) Marriage license, vol V, 1661-1667, page 198 Henry Maddocks of Nantwich,"joyner" wed Elizabeth Kennerley of Middlewich, sprinster at Acton or Nantwich.  John and Henry Maddocks were both Joiners, came from the same village, and John was accompanied by Henry's servants.  They also purchased land near each other in Chester County south of Philadelphia near the Delaware River. .

from a History of Delaware County we get a bio of Henry Maddocks.  It states that  Henry Maddocks purchased land in Springfield PA with his brother-in-law, James Kennerley in 1683.  James died within the next few years, and Henry returned to England leaving his land and that inherited from James to his son Mordecai Maddock.  Mordecai was appointed a trustee in the Quaker Meeting in 1687 and again in 1690.  After this Mordecai returned to England also.  His sister, Jane Maddock wed George Maris in 1690.  Perhaps he felt he left her in good hands.

Another source (unknown at this time) said that the Springfield land was inherited by "Henry's son and heir, Mordecai Maddocks"  in 1701.   He came back to PA to take possession of his inheritance in 1701.  Henry may have been ill and that is why Mordecai returned to claim the property, but he did not die until 5 years later.

 John Maddocks purchased land in Nether Providence in 1691, which he sold in 1692 to William Simpson, Chester county Deed book A page 141Nether Providence is just next to the land Henry had purchased,  

John Maddocks appears in the Philadelphia Monthly Meeting on 1689/90, 12, 24 when he is reinstated AND  gets a certificate from Philadelphia Monthly Meeting to marry Margaret Kent. Which he did 1690, 1,28.  So prior to that he was "condemned" and removed from the Quaker community.  Possibly because of the above reference to "Scandalous ...words."  If he were Henry's son, this may be the cause of a riff and not being an heir, and why John never had a son named Henry.  But John Maddocks did have a daughter Elizabeth.   

Henry Maddock is featured on page 50 of Joseph West and Jane Owen by Celeste Terrell Barnhill, which can be read online.  They state that Henry returned to England and died there.  The English Non-conformish Records 1671-1900 on page 15, note that Henry Maddocks of Frandley Society of Friends, Great Budworth, Cheshire died April 18, 1706.  His age was given as 64.  We believe this also means he was buried at Frandley.  The Frandley Quaker cemetery was established in 1657, so this is a reasonable surmise.  The Meeting House still functions but it was rebuilt in the 19th century, from

We have no evidence that  Elizabeth Kennerley Maddock.every sailed to America.  She lived another 16 years.  The same source, page 35 note that she died on Feb. 5, 1721/22 and was buried at Frandley on Feb. 7th.  at age 82. She had not married again.

 Great Budworth is west of Middlewich so is within the area the Maddocks called home.  During the middle 17th century it developed a thriving dairy/cheese industry.
Developing communities need builders, so again, I can envision a good reason for Henry and his wife to relocate to this area. 



If you know the answer please CONTACT US.

1. confirm that John Maddocks arriving on the endeavor was Henry's son.
2.  Get birth dates and names of all Henry's children.


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