Families of the East Coast and Western Kentucky
and how they Connect



This personal Web Page is to share genealogical information.

Blackburn, Boulden, Burgess, Hubbard, Maddox, Maier, Pennock, and Walsh

are the family lines being researched. These major lines lead to over 230 related families found mostly in Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey.   Then into the British Isles and Germany. 

The focus is to tell the story of the individual. The search has been for the families of the wives, who too often go unnamed. On-site research has taken place in DC, Salt Lake City, court houses, libraries, historical societies, churches and archives in over a dozen states, England, Scotland and Ireland. The stories are constantly being written and updated. Not all the stories are told, yet.

Click on "Genealogy" to access the Index organized by the eight family lines. If you wish to add or correct information, ask a question, request copies of photos, maps or documentation click on "Contact Us".

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