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Avis was born about 1707 in Topenemus Monmouth County, New Jersey.

There are hints at the Monmouth County Historical Society that her family name was Bowne. One was a letter by Renee Couto written to the Society stating that Avis (Bowne) Baird had wed George Eggers. The other was in the Lyle Genealogical Collection. It stated that John Baird wed Avis Bowne. The Web is full of references to Avis Bowne and the story below.

The parents of Avis may have been Andrew Bowne and Anna Seabrook. Their son Peter Bowne was named co-executor with Avis on her husband's will.

Avis married John Baird Jr. about 1733. They had at least 4 children and probably more. They were:
1. William Baird born c1735, wed Margaret O'Riley Dec 1, 1758, died 1794
2. Andrew Baird born c 1739 wed Ann Lock
3. Zebulon Baird born Jan 28, 1744, wed Lydia Hildreth, died Jan 28, 1804.
4. Bedent Baird born c 1746
others mentioned as possible in Baird and Beard Families were Mary, John Alexander and Elizabeth

John Baird's children were young at the time of his death on Feb. 6, 1747. He left a will. His eldest son, William was mentioned, his wife, Avis and Peter Bowne as executors. Monmouth County NJ Wills Book E, page 310.  John Baird owned a lot of property so Avis had means

At least 3 of their sons moved to North Carolina about the mid 1770s. William Baird stayed in New Jersey.

Avis Baird married George Eggers on July 4, 1749 in Monmouth Ct. NJ. This was in the letter found in the Baird Family Folder in the Monmouth Ct. Historical Society. According to Tom Culver's Ahentafel Report on Genealogy.com, Avis and George Eggers had the following children:
1. William Eggers born May 6, 1750
2. Daniel Eggers born April 26, 1752
3. Avis Eggers born Dec. 7, 1755
4. Landrine Eggers born March 11, 1757 in Freehold NJ. He died in Ashe NC.

Interesingly, in a listing of the children baptized at old Tennent Church in Monmouth County states that April 26, 1752 George Eggers baptized his son Daniel, both father and son were of the church. “The mother not joining”. In the Eggers surname file at Orange county NY, was a note stating that Avis, the mother was a Quaker.

I've seen, but can't put my hands on a reference to George Eggers buying property in NC.  However, there seems to be many online who state that Avis and George moved to Goshen, Orange County New York and that she died there about 1776.  I can find no documentation, but it may well be out there.  Their sons certainly did. History of Orange county by Samuel W. Eager Esq written in 1847, page 500 contains a list of the Signers of the Pledge to support the Revolution in the Blooming Grove District of Orange county. dated June 8, 1775. That area is east and a little north of Goshen, the county seat. On that list are William Egger, Daniel Egger and Landrine Eggers.

All the sons served in the Revolution. In Landrine Bowne's Pension statement he said he was born in Monmouth County, NJ and that the family moved to Orange County when he was 9 years old. That would have been about 1766. Landrine first served as a volunteer in New York state. However, at age 21, 1778, he moved to North Carolina near Salisbury, Rowan County and again served served. Son Daniel Bowne was also in North Carolina about that same time.

Some of Avis' sons from her marriage to John Baird moved to North Carolina in mid 1770s, so perhaps they encouraged the Egger brothers to come also.

I spent a day in Orange county trying to find footprints left by George and/or Avis Bowne. I could find nothing. No deeds, wills, or tax records were found. I've no doubt that George Bowne went there with his children, but was Avis with them?

We have no record of when or where she died.


If you know the answer please CONTACT US

1. When was Avis born?

2. When did she marry John Baird?

3. What are the names of all her children?

  1. When and where did Avis die?

  2. Are there any documents of George/Avis in Orange county NY?

  3. Are there any documents of George/Avis in North Carolina

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