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Margaret Faries was born in  October 8, 1787 to John Faries and his wife Hannah Edwards.  She was one of the younger of 8 children born to this couple. They probably were farmers in Pencader Hundred of New Castle County Delaware.  This area is near the Cecil County MD line.  It is generally flat line with no easy demarcation between one state and the other.

The Boulden Family written was by Estell Smith Kepler,  Her information came from an Edwards/Faries family bible.  The dates are believed to be from that source.  I'll note other supporting documentation when I have it.   I do not know where the bible is at this time.

This Boulden family lived at Bristol, a plantation in Cecil County.  The farm still exists and is still in family ownership.  It is on Elk Forest Rd,  between the Elk River and Back Creek (now the Chespeake Delaware Canal) and is now a Bed and Breakfast and Tea Room.  I highly encourage a visit. 

Margaret Faries married John Boulden on June 4, 1815.  She was his third wife, her sister Ann was second wife.  Ann died in 1809 leaving 2 children.  John also had 2 children by his first wife Sarah Richardson.who died in 1798.  He had been a widow with 2 young children for 2 years when he married Ann in 1805. 

Margaret and John Boulden had five maybe six children: Their birth dates were sent to me by Carole Werner.  I do not know her source.
1.  Hannah Jane Boulden born 4/18/1816, died 3/1/1833
2.  James Boulden born Jan 21, 1818 (only Carole had this son)
3.  Levi Boulden born Jan 26, 1821
3.  Charles Boulden born Sept 16, 1822
4.  Ezekiel Boulden born June 4, 1823, wed Mary Helen McCauley and died April 1869. 
5.  Susan Margaret Boulden born Dec. 15, 1825, she wed Joseph Benjamin Oct. 21, 1827.

John Boulden's first two wives were buried in the front yard.  Then both  John and Margaret died in 1826 within a month of each other and without wills.  They were also buried in the front yard.  The estate was sold and divided between the surviving 9 (or 10) children.  The oldest still at home was a 17 year-old girl by wife #2.  It is not known where the orphaned siblings went to live.

However, I think it possible that his half-brother Thomas Boulden  set up a home by 1830 with his new wife, Priscilla and took all the children in.  The 1830 Census, ; White Clay Creek Delaware has the following listing:
; Thomas R Boulden:
; Males 2 under 10 (could be Ezekiel and Charles)
; Male  1 10 - 14 (could be James)
; Male 3 20 - 29 (Thomas R for sure, could be John Jr.  and William)
; Female 1 10 - 14 (could be Hannah Jane)
; Female 3 20 - 29 (Priscilla, his wife for sure, could be Sarah Ann, I have no guess for the 3rd female)
; missing would be the youngest child of John and Margaret, Susan Margaret.  She would have been under 5 and may be living with other relatives.
; However, I have found that in 1850 Ezekiel Boulden had returned to Cecil county.  He was on the Cecil County Census, roll M432_290, page 183  living with family of Farmer Boulden Biddle along with 6 other young men, all "farmers'.  the details fit our Ezekiel, ie born MD, age 26.

I also tried to trace the children through the 1850 and beyond Census'.  A pattern emerged that makes sense for orphaned children.  I believe, the boys at least went into ; various apprenticeships.  Thomas Boulden  was listed simply as a Laborer, and of course Ezekiel Boulden as Farmer, but then we have, Levi Boulden, a cabinet maker and Charles Boulden a shoemaker. James Boulden, a blacksmith.  There is some evidence that James changed his name to Jarrett Baldwin.

More work needs to be done to confirm that James the blacksmith, Levi the cabinet maker and Charles the shoemaker were all sons of John and Margaret ; Boulden.  There are  many many Bouldens in the Cecil county, Ncw Castle County area and the names are reused often.


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        2. Find documentation for her wedding date
        3. Find documentation for children's names and birth dates

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