The family lived in Nether Provident, Middletown Township, Chester County. The Bowater Friends Meeting met in their home until a meeting house was built in 1700 on the land just next to the Bowaters owned by Joshua Hastings.   This later became the Springfield MM.  There seems to be a number of versions of its history on the website noted below.
                                        The Hinshaw Records, card 3626 of the Chester Monthly Meeting has the children and birthdates for John and Frances Bowater.  They are

                                        1.  Mary Bowater, born 1685
                                        2.  William Bowater born 1686
                                        3.  Elizabeth Bowater born 1688
                                        4.  Ann Bowater born 1690
                                        5.  Alice Bowater born 1692
                                        6.  Phebe Bowater born 1697

                                        John Bowater of West town, Chester county signed his will July 20th, 1705.  It was probabed Sept 17, 1705, Chester County Will Book C. 10.5.  It names his wife Frances,
                                        and children Mary, Elizabeth, Anne, Alice and Phebe John Bennett of Birmingham PA was executor.  William must have died as a child.

                                        Frances Bowater signed a will made out the 29th day of (I can't make out month), 1720/21  so Jan, Feb or march.  It was Will #123, I do not have book.  It was found at the
                                        Chester County Archives.  There we get her daughter's married names:
                                        Mary wed Stephen Ailes
                                        Elizabeth wed William Pusey
                                        Ann wed William Chandler
                                        Alice wed Jacob Pyle, and then Moses Mendenhall (Grandson Samuel Pyle was listed with his mother Alice Mendenhall)
                                        Phebe wed Shadrack Scarlet

                                        Executors were William Pusey and Moses Mendenhall.

                                        Springfield MM did not have a cemetery until 1727.  So we do not know where either John or Frances are buried.

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