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The Story as I know it

Joseph Ray was born May 29, 1736, and baptized june 26, 1737 in St. James Parish, Anne Arundel County Maryland. His parents were William &Ann Ray.
from the St. James Parish records. 

During the French and Indian War, Joseph served once for 30 days in 1755 and another time for 52 days.  re Maryland Historical Magazine, Vol 9, page 262, "Paid to Quartering Soldiers- French and Indian War".

Joseph Ray wed Mary Schekels about 1762 probably in  Anne Arundel County. This was in the DAR Patriot Index.  The Cameron and Paige Report on Ancestry world  Tree project state that they had 12 children.  They may be in a church record in Maryland, but I do not know their source except for the youngest child, Lydia.  All 12 children were included in his will.

    On April 25, 1753, William Ray purchased 500 acres of track called Hammond and Giest from William CainsDeed Book RB #3, page 605. It was on the east side of Snowden Branch of the Patuxent River. This would put it today in southern portion of Columbia, Howard County Maryland. It was then in Anne Arundel county. Then two years later, May 2, 1755 he purchased the rest of the track, 500 acres, from Samuel Geist,

One of those lovely deeds you dream about,  on Dec. 17, 1779 William Ray gave Hammond and Geist  to his two sons Joseph and Nicholas.  Before the deed was made Nicholas sold his share to Joseph.  It definitely ties the three men together in family. and puts Joseph with 1000 acres.

The Ray family was still in Anne Arundel County in 1790 for the Census, roll M637_3, page 371.  At that time there were 8 children at home.  Mr. Ray had 14 slaves, which was a large number for that area.  Anne Arundel County seat is Annapolis Maryland. The first move I found was the birth record of Lydia Ray to Joseph and Mary Ray, in Montgomery County Mary 27, 1792.  found on Maryland, Births and Christening Index, 1662-1911 on Ancestry.  It is not known when they moved to Washington County Kentucky, but their son Joseph Ray Jr. was married in that county in 1797. 

The children of Joseph and Mary Ray were:
1.  Ann Nancy Ray born Sept 22, 1763, wed a Beard
2.  John Sheckels Ray born Dec. 14, 1765
3.  Francis Ray born July 15, 1769, wed a Knott
4.  Deborah Ray born Jan 25, 1772, wed a Thurman
5.  Joseph Ray born April 28, 1777
6.  Mary Ann Ray born July 23, 1778, wed a Dooley
7.  Elizabeth Ray born May 4, 1782, wed a Rodgers
8.  Samuel Ray born July 13, 1784
9.  Lloyd Ray born April 13, 1785
10. Elenor Ray born May 8 1786 - had not wed when will was written
11. William Ray born Sept 12, 1788
12. Lydia Ray born May 27, 1792
- had not wed when will was written.

By 1810 Joseph and Mary's son, young Joseph Ray and his family had moved to Livingston County KY.    But that same year finds his brothers and parents still in Washington County.  The elder Joseph Ray's household was detailed:
1 male under 10, 1 male 10-15, 2 males 26-44, 4 males over 45
1 female 16-25
11 slaves.

 The Census does not seem to include Joseph's wife, Mary Schekels Ray.  I must assume she had died prior to this time. 

Joseph Ray Senior died pre June 14, 1819.  His will was written Feb 17, 1816, and proved June 14, 1819.  Washington County Ky Will Book C.
It is not known where he is buried.


If you know the answer please CONTACT US.

1.;Get deed for the Ray farmland  in Washington County
2; Get an original copy of Joseph's will
3.  When did Mary Schekels Ray die?



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