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Many references were found to Currer/Curriers were found in the search for the family in Cecil County Maryland.   This will be a summary of  possible connections.  When an item can be confirmed it will be moved to the proper story.

This part of the Maryland is dominated by the Chesapeake Bay and it's many rivers and streams.  At the very northen most reach is the current town of North East. In 1717 it was the location of the known family church, St. Mary Anne's and the main road each and west.  The town North East came later.  The Bay is considered to begin at the junction of the Susquehana, North East  and Elk River  From that point the Susquehanna is entered by going north west.  The North East River by going north east, and the Elk by going east north east.  The point of land that lies between the Elk and the North East is now called Elk's Neck.  There is still remnants of a boat landing at St. Mary Anne's church from when parishioners went to church by boat, as well as visiting neighbors.  It was easier than over land.  Cecil Ct. Historic Map  shows the rivers details in 1785. The county is that land between the Susquehanna and the Sassafras Rivers.  In the late 1600s it extended south of the Sassafras River.

Julia Mortenson put together most of this material.  My comments will be in Red

CURRER/CURRIER information in semi-chronological order of first event in set of records:

1.  Joane Curier 1664, Cecil County area
2.  John Currer Kent County court records & William Currer New Castle court Records 1669 - 1676
3.  Margaret Curyeur marriage record 1738
4.  William Currer, member of Maryland Legislature 1738-1784 and brother John??
5.  Other Currier's deeds 1758 and later
6.  Currier's on Census'
7.  Currier B & B
8.  Currier and Ives possible connection

1. Joane Curier
8/4/1664 - Cecil County Rent Rolls, St. John's Mannor Surv. 4th of Augst 1664 for John Pale on the North side of Elk River. This land escheated and Granted to Capt. John Carr.
175 acres poss. by Henry Gilder
175 by Peter Clawson
400 by Peter Manado
1300 by Jno Tawood (Hermans)
450 by Thomas Simmons
400 by Thomas Hitchcock
200 by John Cozne
230 by Rich. Lewis
100 by Joane wdo of Thos Curier               Jane was the wife of William Currier in 1687.  Is Joane that Jane? I cannot find record of this land being sold.
                                                                      Was Thomas related to William.  One of William and Jane's sons was named Thomas.
150 by Richd Heilyn
2.  John Currer & William Currer

Ca 1669 -Kent County Court Proceedings, 1668-1671.  243
John Currer by John wright planfl in an Action of Debt by pett:                  Kent Ct is just south of Cecil ct.which at this time was considered part of Baltimore County.  John is the name of another of                                                                                                                             William and Jane's sons. Connected???
   John Dobb defft       the deft John Dabb Acknowledgeth Judgment for two thousand thirty and seauen pounds of
   Tobacco therefore the Court doth order present paymt for the said    Tobacco els exeq
Ca 1669 - 258Kent County Court Proceedings, 1668-1671.
Henery Coursey Esq plant:     byAn Attachment The Court
               John Currer the Atturney of defendt finding the Account to be mr John Currer of Londonj    Just by the Atturneys
               confession doth order the Said Atturney to Satisfye the principle which is Nine pounds Fourteene shillings and nine pence
               with Cost of Sute &c.
9/1669 - Att A Court held for the County of Kent the [ ] day of September 1669 
          Mr Robert Dunn Mr Morgan Williams
  Present:  Mr John Vicaris Mr Thomas Osborne
          Comishonrs Mr Mathew Reade,  William Stanley Plntf:
 An accon of the Case The defendt pleades   Mathias Peterson Deft that he had fullfilled his bargin wth the
  Plantf & that upon the same the Plntf deliuered in his Condicon, upon   the wch for tryall they Cast themselues
   upon A Jury: Named
  Tobyas Wells  Arthur Wright    Robert Kent
  John Wallton  Samuell King     Joseph Wharton
  Edward Leake  John Currer      Edward Burton
  Richard Nash  John Browne      William Lawrence
Ca 1669 - Kent County Court Proceedings, 1668-1671.283  
    Whereas John Currer hath mad apeare by bill that there is due Liber C    unto him out of the
    Estate of Capt John Vicaris Fifteene hundred & [fol. 33]  thre pound of tobacco
   This Court doth order that that Present Payment be made by the execatrix out of his said Estate else exeqcon
   Whereas John Currer hath made appeare by bill: that there is due unto unto him out of the estate of
   Mr Richard Blunt Late of this County deceased Three thousand One hundred Thirty & eight pounds of tobacco
   This Court doth order, by the Consent of the Administratrix that prsent payment be made out of the estate else exeqcon
1/2/1669 - 306Kent County Court Proceedings, 1668-1671.
wheras John Currer hath made appear that there is due to him from Peter Johnson who wilfully absented himself out of the County
               flue hundred and forty pounds of tobacco the Cort doth grant him an Attachement agt the Goods and chattells
              of the sd Peter for the sd sume
1/2/1669 - 286Kent County Court Proceedings, 1668-1671.
  These are to Certifle all whom it may Concerne that Humphrey Hubberd aged twenty one yeares was Indentured to Edmond Burton
               for Fower yeares as wittnes my hand this second day of January 1669
               Wittnes Robert Dunn            Ezekiel Croscomb
                     William Currer                                                            If this is our William, it places him in Kent county same time as John, and probably connected.
  2/12/1669 - 304Kent County Court Proceedings, 1668-1671.
Know all men p these prsents that I Anthony Hillson of London
               Marriner haue made Ordained Constituted & p these prsents doe
               make ordaine Constitute & appointe my trusty & well beloued Frind
               William Granger of the County of Kent Planter my true & Law-
               full Attorney for me & in my name & for my use to Aske demand
               & receiue all debts dues & demands & in my name to Arest sue Im
               plead & psecute For the same, & upon such sutes to proceed to Judg
               ment & execucon for the same, & thereupon the said Parsons or Par
               son in Prisson to hold & keep untill sattisfaccon be made wth all Costs
               & dathages sustained & to be sustained p occacon of detaineing of all
               debts & demands, and upon payment & sattisfaccon made to discharge
               to release & sett out of prisson, and accquittances for me & in my
               name to make scale & deliuer & allsoe to doe pforme & execute all &
               euery other Law full & reasonable Acts both for obtaininge & dis
               chargeing of the same and unto my said Attorney I doe giue Full
               & Absolute power in the prmisses Rattifleing holdeing Firme all &
               whatsoeuer my said Attorney shall doe or Cause to be donn in or
               about the premisses p vertue of these prsents In Wittnesse whereof
                haue hereunto sett my hand & scale this twelth day of Febb: in
               the One & twenty yeare of the raigne of our Souefaine Lord King
               Charles the second p the Grace of God of England Scottland france
               & Ireland Defendor of the Faith &c: Anno Doth 1669
               Signed Sealed & Del iurd       his
                 in the Presence off    Anthony  Hillson seale
                    Beniamin Groue          marke
                    Wm Currer         Veria Copy
                                      Test Disboro: Bennett Clrke
              Provincial Court Proceedings, 1670.     553  Liber JJ
       Know all men by these presents That I John Currer of London  Grocer for divers and sundry good and valuable causes and considerations
      me thereunto especially moveing doe make constitute Ordame assigne depute authorize appoint and putt my loveing freind Ezekiel Croscomb
     comander of the good shipp King Solomon and my loveing Nephew John Currer my true and law full Deputyes or Attornyes joyntly and
     severally for me and in my name and to my only use to aske demand levy recover and receive of John Wright of Maryland planter all and every
     sume and summes of mony and monyes worth goods Chattells Comodities merchandize dues and demands whatsoever which now is or are due
     oweing payable comeing and belonging unto me from the said John Wright by any manner of wayes or meanes whatsoever and upon his deniall
     nonpayment satisfieing or delivery of the same or any part thereof to sue arrest attach implead imprison and condemne or cause to be condemned
     and prose- [p. 97]
     cuted with effect to judgment and execution and upon payment satisfieing or delivery of the same or any part thereof out of prison againe to deliver
     and enlarge and for the same to acquitt release and discharge an acquittance or acquittances or any other legall discharge whatsoever for me and
     in my name to make seale subscrib and deliver as my own act and deed and all and whatsoever my said Deputyes and Attornyes or either of them
     shall lawfully doe or cause to be done in or about the premisses or any part thereof I the said John Currer doe and will ratifie confirme and
     establish by these presents In witt nesse whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seale the fourtenth day of November
     Anno Regni Doth nost Caroli Secd nunc Regis Angt &c vicesimo Annoq Doth 1668. John Currer (seale)
     Sealed and delivered
       in the presence of
          Tho: Truman Entred upon the Records
          Wm Currer       P John Wright Ct of Kent County
     April 15th 1670 The abovewritten Letter of Attorny was by the Oath of Thomas Truman one of the wittnesses thereunto in Open Court  proved.
                  So John Currer, the Kent County attorney, is the nephew of John Currer, Grocer of London, and possible/probably related to Wm Currer.  But to our WIlliam??
ca 1671 - Proceedings of the Court of Chancery, 1669-1679 Volume 51, Page 38

John Currer The Cause being Called, It was alledged by & the Attorneys of both Sides that all matters in
              John Wright def.t Controversy between the sd partys were agreed
3/16/1676- Kent Couuty MD Court Proceedings, 1675-1676.349
 Thomas Brite hath issued out an alias agst John Currer & the shirriff hath returned a honest Investus.
Thomas Brite by Michell In an Accon of debt the shirriff of the  Miller his Attorny plt County returning of the writt (non est
               John Currer dft  Inventus) & the sd Currer being called in Court did not appeare nor any Attorny for him the plt Attorny hath
               made his debt appeare in open Court to be Two thousand nine hundred twenty five poundes of Tobb This Court doth order tht Attachmt
               shall issue agst the debts Goods & Chattles of the Currer for the above sd debt & Costes of sute/giuen Mr Miller the order & the Atachmt the 16 March 1676

Google Books, Original Land Titles in Delaware Commonly Known as the Duke of York Record.

Cant find a date on this exactly, but was before 1675.” 600 acres inn St. George's Neck on the North side of the Dragon Swamp, ye which by vertue of a warrant hath been layd for William Currer & William Goldsmith.” Then in 1676 “six hundred acres (part thereof) being formerly granted by patent unto Wm Currer, and William Goldsmith, since which time Mr. John Moll is invested in.”

1675 Records of the Court of New Castle on Delaware

Justice John Moll, Plaintiff, vs. William Currer, Defendant. The partees agreed before judgment past.  William Currer acknowledged in court to have made over to Mr. John Moll all his Right, Title and Interest of and to a certain tract of land lying in St. Georges Creek.

(Google Books)

TAXABLES LIVING WITHIN THE JURISDICTION OF NEW CASTLE COURT IN NOVEMBER, 1677. Records of the Court of New Castle, Book A, pp. 197-201, preserved in the Prothonotary's Office in New Castle, Delaware. It appears in the Minutes of " a Meeting of the Justices held In y e Towne of New Castle for y e makeing up y e accomt of y e Publicq Charge of this Countij, The 9 of November, 1677," corresponding with a similar list, entered in Record of Upland Court, published by the Historical Society, under date of the 13th of the same month (pp. 77-80). It comprises the names of all males between the ages of sixteen and sixty years, who resided on the Delaware within the jurisdiction of New Castle Court, excepting certain officers and soldiers, as well as the Justices of the Court, who, by " the Duke's laws," were exempt from the payment of taxes, except for the support of the Church. [At " Oppoquenemij," and elsewhere on the western shore of the Delaware :]

Second name:

Will. Courter - 1

Next column, bottom

William Currer 1

Are these 2 separate people, or just a repetition?

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Maryland Calendar of Wills
1673 - Pine, Mary, Kent Co., 28th Dec., 1673; 3rd June, 1674. To John Halfhead and his wife (unnamed,) Isaac Winchester, and John Essex, personalty. Tobias Wells, ex. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Jno. Rodway, Matthias Stevenson, Wm. Currer, Lovis Blangy. 2. 1.

1674 - Keely, John, Anne Arundel Co., 25th Nov., 1674; 4th Jan., 1674. To wife Mary, execx., 1/3 of estate. To child. (unnamed), residue of estate, real and personal, at age. Lands, viz: “My Quarter,” 100 A. on Patapsco R., and home plantation to be sold. Test: Wm. Currer, Robt. Husbands. 2. 25.

1674 – Cecil County formed.

Ca 1675 - Proceedings of the Provincial Court, 1675-1677  Maryland State Archives Vol 66, p. 504
 Miller, Michael, v.  John Currer, 402-403;
 Marsh,  Thomas, v. John Currer. xix, 372-374
  p. 228 Thomas Marsh Isaac Winchester of Kent County Gent was attached to answer unto Michael Miller of a plea
                John Currer  wherefore with force & armes into a certaine parcell of land upon the Island of Kent in Kent County
                  called Cabbin Neck containeing three hundred & fifty acres with certame houses thereon standing & appurteinances
                  thereon belonging which One Thomas Marsh Gent had to him the said Michael Miller demised for a terme not yet
                  expired he did enter his timber he did cutt downe & him the said Michael from his ffarme aforesaid did eject &
                  other harmes to him did to the damage of the said Michael and agt the Peace &c.
                         And whereupon the said Michael Miller by Robert Carvile his Attorny saith that whereas the said Thomas Marsh
                  upon the first day of January in the yeare of Our Lord 1674 did demise unto him the said Michael all that parcell of land
                  upon the Island of Kent in Kent County aforesaid called Cabbin Necke bounding On the east with a Creeke called the
                  Cabbin Creeke On the north with a Creeke called the Tarrkill Creeke On the west with a line drawne south from a marked
                  Chestnutt tree Standing in the head of Tarkill Creeke for the lenght of One hundred thirty five perches into a Swamp
                  called Alderswamp to a marked Gumm tree On the South with a line drawne South east from the said tree in the said Swamp
                  unto a Creeke called Luke Pine Creeke Conteineing three hundred & fifty acres together with all houses Tenements &
                  appurtenncs to the same belonging To hold to him the said Michael from the day of the date of the Said Lease to the full end
                  & term of two yeares from thence next ensueing and fully to be compleate & ended which is not yet expired
                           By virtue of which said Lease the said Michael entred into and became possessed of the prmisses and being So pos-
                  sessed the said Isaac afterwards to witt the twelfth day of January aforesaid with force and armes into the said Lands & premisses did
                  enter & him the said Michael from his ffarme aforesaid demised as aforesaid did eject, his timber did cutt downe & other harmes to him
                  did against the Peace of the Rt Honble the Lord Propry and to the great damage of the said Michael whereupon he saith he is damp-
                            Not sure of John Currer's role.  Attonrey?  the whole is not here.

 Proceedings of the Provincial Court, 1675-1677 Volume 66, Page 342
5/25/1676  p. 207 Mr Robert Carvile I have received full Satisfaction of Disborough Bennit of the judgmt that was Obtained against Tobias Wells the
                  Administratr of Mary Pyne. which I desire may be entred upon record & for So doeing this shall be your warrant Given under my
                  hand & seale the xxvith day of May 1676.
                  Test John Currer.         William Dare (Sealed)
                      Robert Carvile Attorny of Wm Dare prayeth that Satisfaction  may be entred upon Record of the abovementioned judgment
                      according to the above warrant. Ro: Carvile.
3.  Margaret Curyeur

1/26/1738 - Garrit Mekeney, mar. Margaret Curyeur, 26 Jan 1738/1739, St. Mary Ann's Parish (North Elk), Cecil Co., MD, p. 121, Maryland Marriages 1634-1777, Barnes, 1978. LDS Microfilm 525-013887 shows further that Garrit and Margaret had the following children whose births were recorded at St. Mary Ann's Parish: 1742, May 5th, Then was born John Mekinne, son to Garret Mekenne and Margret his wife. 1746, Oct 14th Then was born Jessey Mekeney son of Garrit and Margret Mekeney. 1749, Dec 12
Then was buried Jesse Mekeney, son of Garrit Mekeney and Margaret his wife. 1752, Apr 4th Then was born Elizabeth Mekeney, daughter of Garrit Mekeney and Marget his wife.
Mary Mekenne mar Michael Lum, 9 Jul 1739, St. Mary Ann's Parish, Cecil Co., MD, p. 112, ibid
        Note there were several McKinney’s in Lincoln Co., KY early. Is Garrit Mekeney the same as Garrett McKinne who died 1756/1757 in Craven Co., NC?

4.  William Currer 1738 - 1794

Below are probaby the sons of John and Sarah Currer

Ca 1739 - Maryland State Archives
Finding Aids & Indexes
Biographical files available from SPECIAL COLLECTIONS (Legislative History Project Collection) MSA SC 1138
William Currer (ca. 1739-1784) MSA SC 1138-300 2/11/12/15 Restricted: no

Archives of Maryland, Historical List, Index - C
Source: Edward C. Papenfuse, et al., Archives of Maryland, Historical List, new series, Vol. 1. Annapolis, MD: Maryland State Archives, 1990.
Entries in bold refer to members of the General Assembly from 1635 to 1789 whose biographies were published in A Biographical Dictionary of the Maryland Legislature, 1635-1789 (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1979-85).
Currer   William, ca. 1739-1784                    
Abstracts of Cecil Co. Maryland land records 1673-1751 by June Brown (on Google Books)
12/17/1741 - p. 420  Deed  William Mason of Cecil Co., gent. To Wm Cox, son of Margaret Cox, all goods, chattels and lands he has in Cecil Co. 12/17/1741  Witnesses John Currer, Mary Willson.

Ca 1742 - p. 511 Deed of gift  Richard Norton of Charles Town, yeoman because he is moving to son Richard Norton, Jr. all possessions in Cecil Co. Wit. William Currer,  Thomas Norton.

11/1/1748 - PREROGATIVE COURT (Wills)
MSA S538 Liber 26 1748-1749
Liber 26, folio 44  1 Nov. 1748
GEORGE, JOSHUA, Middle Neck, Cecil Co.
     To son Sydney George, who is of but tender constitution, the land beginning at Middle Neck Point up the neck to The Dividend, but if he d. s. p., to son Joshua George.
     To son Joshua George, Strange & Salem, on S side Bohemia R., but if he d. s. p., Strange to dau. Alice & Salem to dau. Mary.
     To dau. Alice, my part of The Dividend & lands above, called Middleneck, Sarahs Joynter, or anything else, negroes Quash & Jeffrey & Quash chldn., negro girl Phillis, hhold furn., & livestock.
     To dau. Mary, negro girl Prisulla, Mount Ararat, a warrant for Morton, 200a in Kent Co., where William Ellis made a purchase from some of the Christians (s Mary & s son Joshua being but young), but s son Sidney is to retain the profits of the plntns. where Chandlers lives, where negro Tom lives, & where negro London lives.
     Extr: son Sydney, who is to take the advice of Col. Tho. Colville.
     Witn: Tho. Colvill, Hugh Matthews, Jr., William Currer, Ben. Bradford
     16 Dec. 1748, sworn to by Colville, Mattews, & Bradford.
1751-1786 - The following are all the Patents in the Patent book for Cecil County for William Currer

1.  Hopewell                    1751  200 acres  certificate in name of Mary Currier
2.  Deer Harbor               1758    36 acres
3.  Batchelors Content      1762    96 acres
4.  Currier's Addition        1762    32 acres
5.  Currier's Lott               1763    42 acres   certificate in name of Henry Baker
6.  Copson's Intent           1764    18 acres   (unpatented)
7.  Locust Hill                   1786   130 1/2 acres


1/14/1755 - On January 14, 1755, the inventory of the personal estate of Samuel Whitton, late of Cecil County, deceased, was appraised by John Currer and Richard Patton at L18/3/0.  Elizabeth Neail and Margaret Witton signed as the next of kin; John Neail administrator.  Ref: Inventories Liber 60, folio 90, Hall of Records.
7/26/1775 - Declaration of the Association of the Freemen of Maryland (No 13.)
July 26, 1775.[1]
The long premeditated, and now avowed design of the British Government, to raise a revenue from the property of the colonists without their consent, on the gift, grant and disposition of the Commons of Great Britain; the arbitrary and vindictive statutes passed under color of punishing a riot, to subdue by Military force, and by famine, the Massachusetts Bay; the unlimited power assumed by parliament to alter the charter of that province, and the constitution of all the colonies, thereby destroying the essential securities of the lives, liberties and properties of the colonists; the commencement of hostilities by the ministerial forces, and the cruel prosecution of the War against the people of the Massachusetts Bay, followed by General Gage's proclamation, declaring almost the whole of the Inhabitants of the united colonies, by name or description, rebels and traitors are sufficient causes to arm a free people in defence of their liberty, and to justify resistance, no longer dictated by prudence merely, but by necessity, and leave no alternative but base submission or manly opposition to uncontroulable tyranny. The Congress chose the latter, and for the express purpose of securing and defending the united colonies, and preserving them in safety, against all attempts to carry the above-mentioned acts into execution by force of arms.
Resolved, that the said colonies be immediately put into a state of defence, and now supports, at the joint expense, an army to restrain the further violence, and repel the future attacks of a disappointed and exasperated enemy.
We therefore inhabitants of the Province of Maryland, firmly persuaded that it is necessary and justifiable to repel force by force, do approve of the opposition by Arms to the British troops, employed to enforce obedience to the late acts and statutes of the British parliament, for raising a revenue in America, and altering and changing the charter and constitution of the Massachusetts Bay, and for destroying the essential securities for the lives, liberties and properties of the subjects in the united colonies. And we do unite and associate, as one band, and firmly and solemnly engage and pledge ourselves to each other, and to America, that we will to the utmost of our power, promote and support the present opposition, carrying on, as well by Arms, as by the continental association, restraining our commerce.
And as in these times of public danger, and until a reconciliation with Great Britain, on constitutional principles is effected (an event we most ardently wish may soon take place) the energy of government may be greatly impaired, so that even zeal unrestrained, may be productive of anarchy and confusion; We do in like manner unite, associate, and solemly engage in maintenance of good order, and the public peace, to support the civil power in the due execution of the laws, so far as may be consistent with the present plan of opposition; and to defend with our utmost power all persons from every species of outrage to themselves or their property, and to prevent any punishment, from being inflicted on any offenders, other than such, as shall be adjudged by the civil magistrate, continental congress, our convention, council of safety, or committees of observation.
Mat. Tilghman
John Reeder Junr    Benn Hall    H. Griffith    Benect Edwd Hall   
Richd Barnes    John Contee    Th. Sprigg Wootton    Ths Bond   
Jereh Jordan    W. Bowie    Richd. Brooke    Richd Dallam   
Jn. A. Thomas    O. Sprigg    John Hanson Jr    Ignatius Wheeler Jr.   
W. Smallwood    Jos. Beall    Joseph Chapline    Wm. Webb   
Danl Jenifer    Thos Gantt Junior    Thos. Cramphin Jr    John Veazey Junr   
R. Hooe    Walter Bowie    Upton Sheredine    Jno. D. Thompson   
J. H. Stone    David Crauford    Benj. Nicholson    John Cox   
Will. Harrison    Stephen West    Wm. Buchanan    Peter Lawson   
S. Hanson of Sam.    Tho. Sim Lee    J. Toy Chase    Nat. Ramsey   
Jno. Dent    J. Rogers    John Cradock    William Currer   
Edwd Gantt    Samuel Chase    Thomas Harrison    Chas Rumsey   
Samuel Chew    Th. Johnson Junr    Darby Lux    W. Ringgold Junr   
Edwd Reynolds    Brice B. Worthington    John Moale    Thos Smyth   
Benj. Mackall 4th    Rezin Hammond    Robt Alexander    Joshh Earle   
Josia Beall    J. Hall    Chas Ridgely son of Wm    Th. B. Hands   
Robt. Tyler    William Paca    Saml. Handy    Thos Ringgold   
Rhos Contee    Matthias Hammond    Sadok Purnell    J. Nicholson Jr.   
Joseph Sim    Chas. Carroll    Wm. Morris       
Turbutt Wright    Chas. Carroll of Carrollton    Thos Stone       
Jas. Tilghman of Annapolis    Ephraim Howard of Hy           
Th. Wright    Thomas Dorsey           
Jas Hollyday    Robert Goldsborough           
Rd Earle    Henry Hooper           
Soln Wright    James Murray           
Jas Loyd Chamberlaine    Thos Ennalls           
Nic. Thomas    Nath. Potter           
Edwd Lloyd    Will, Richardson           
Peregrine Tilghman    Richd Mason           
Wm Hindman    Joshua Clark           
R. Tilghman Jun.    Peter Adams           
Rams Benson    John Stevens           
F. Baker    Wm Hopper           
     Henry Dickinson           
     Wm Waters           
     Wm Rolleston           
     George Dashiell           
     John Waters           
     Gustavus Scott           
[edit] Note by Maryland Historical SocietyThe original engagement of the Associators, preserved under glass at Annapolis, consists of two pieces, apparently torn apart, and pasted down on card-board. On our p. 67 the order of names and arrangement of columns have been preserved, though not the spacing; and the division of the pieces falls just below the names of Joseph Sim, Thomas Dorsey, and Charles Ridgely.On comparing these signatures with the Journal, 29 names will be found to be missing, viz: Philip Richard Fendall I (1734-1805) of Charles Co.; Alexander Somerville of Calvert; George Lee and Dr Richard Brooke of Prince George's; Thomas Tillard and John Dorsey of Anne Arundel; Walter Tolly, James Gittings, and Charles Ridgely of John, of Baltimore; Charles Beatty, Baker Johnson, Jacob Funk, Samuel Beall, and Wm. Deakins, Jr., of Frederick; Samuel Durham, Saml. Ashmead, John Beall Howard, Francis Holland, Benjamin Rumsey, and James McComas, of Harford; Joseph Gilpin and William Rumsey, of Cecil; Richard Lloyd of Kent; John Wallace and John Brown, of Queen Anne's; Robert Harrison of Dorchester; Benson Stainton of Caroline; Josiah Polk of Somerset; Peter Chaille of Worcester.Now when we note that amongst these 29 were some of the most active and assiduous members of the Convention, and that 21 of them had, as the Journal shows, no leave of absence, it is impossible to resist the conclusion that a portion of the document has been lost. It will be observed that the arrangement is generally by counties, and the break in the paper comes between Prince George's and Queen Anne's, between Ann Arundel and Dorchester, and between Baltimore and Worchester; a fact which confirms the editor's belief that a piece has fallen out between the upper and lower portions as now joined.[2]
8/10/1775 - Journal of the Maryland Convention July 26 to August 14, 1775  Volume 11, Page 13
Journal and Correspondence of the Maryland Council of Safety, August 29, 1775 to July 6, 1776

1775, Thursday 10th August
Met according to adjournment.
William Currier and Charles Rumsey appeared for Cecil County.
John Dent has leave of absence.
Convention adjourns till tomorrow morning 6 o'Clock

12/23/1779 - On Dec. 23, 1779 they petitioned for fairness and respite from financial burdens. Among those signing were Edward Murphy, John Cameron, William Dickson, William Currier, Thomas McClary, John Caswell, John McKewn, Norton, John Murphy, Campbell (Md. History Mag. vol. 5, page 59 reference).
1783 - list of black Loyalists evacuated from New York at the end of the Revolutionary War.
L'Abondance bound for Port Roseway Lt. Philips
Prima Johnston, 60, feeble fellow. Formerly the property of William Currier of Cecil County, Maryland; left him 6 years ago. GBC
1783 Cecil Co., MD Tax List
Sampson Currear. 208 acres. CE 4th District, p. 6. MSA S 1161-4-2    1/4/5/47
William Currer. 646 acres. CE 4th District, p. 6. MSA S 1161-4-2    1/4/5/47
Sampson Currier. Hopewell, 200 acres. CE 4th District, p. 2. MSA S 1161-4-2    1/4/5/47
William Currier. Storeys Meadows, pt, 233 acres. CE 4th District, p. 3. MSA S 1161-4-2    1/4/5/47
William Currier. Capris Intent, 13 1/2 acres. CE 4th District, p. 1. MSA S 1161-4-2    1/4/5/47
William Currier. Curriers Lott, 42 acres. CE 4th District, p. 1. MSA S 1161-4-2    1/4/5/47
William Currier. Curriers Addition, 22 acres. CE 4th District, p. 1. MSA S 1161-4-2    1/4/5/47
William Currier. Deer Harbour, 36 acres. CE 4th District, p. 1. MSA S 1161-4-2    1/4/5/47
William Currier. North East Manor, pt, 300 acres. CE 4th District, p. 2. MSA S 1161-4-2    1/4/5/47
.......From coast of Ireland in Wexford County shores. Richard Talbot ruled the county and his relative was given land in Cecil County, Maryland. Proprietor George Talbot owned Susquehannah Manor which extended from the Northeast River to the Susquehannah and to the Chesapeake Bay in Cecil County, Maryland. The manor was known as New Connaght, 1680. Talbot parceled out land on easy terms to the first settlers. Whole neighborhoods came to the manor after 1690 from County Kilkenny, Ireland and from southeastern Ireland. The sea-loving Murphys were among the first settlers and moved restlessly along the Susquehannah river, not settling on land, because the men were in charge of sailing ships bringing passengers. In 1705 widow Elizabeth Murphy said she saw the ruins of an early fort that stood one half mile above the mouth of Octorara creek where it emptied into the Susquehanah river (Pa. Archives 2nd series Vol. xvi PP522 reference). When the Murphys were ready to be land bound and had finished their sea duties, they took up land near Charlestown, Cecil Co, Maryland. The Murphys had clothing, furniture, plenty of cooking utensils as a law bade proprietors to furnish them. They lived quietly and paid their taxes for generations with their neighbors. As proprietors changed through the years, forced leases for land were imposed on the settlers. Finally, on Dec. 23, 1779 they petitioned for fairness and respite from financial burdens. Among those signing were Edward Murphy, John Cameron, William Dickson, William Currier, Thomas McClary, John Caswell, John McKewn, Norton, John Murphy, Campbell (Md. History Mag. vol. 5, page 59 reference).


5. Other Currier Deeds 1758 - later

Jeremiah Currier to William Foster, Bill of Sale, vol 16, p. 438
Jeremiah Currier to William Foster, release of Bill of sale, vol 19, p. 305

Sampson Currer from Joseph Hickman bill of sale, vol 9, p. 434
Sampson Currer to Timothy Boyles Vol; 16, p. 85 & 480, deed 481
William Currer to Oliver Miller bill of sale Vol 7 p. 533
William Currer from John Dunn, mortgage, vol 7 p. 435
William Currer from John Smith, assignment of lease, vol 7 p. 491
William Currer from John Smith, deed, voll 7, p. 492
William Currer from John T. Hitchcock, vol 8 p. 120 bill of sale

William Currer from Mathias Johnson deed vol 8 p. 378 – patent originally to Zebulon Hollingsworth, known as Hollingsworth Fourth or Bachelor’s Content, then left by Matthias Johnson in his last Will to be sold for debts by son Matthias Johnson, on the East side of the West branch of the Elk River. Witn James Baxter, Nathan Baker, William Rees.  For 33 pounds. 100 acres.

William Currer from Mathias Johnson deed vol 8, p. 529 – sold him the addition to Bachelor’s Content. 5/16/1758, 33 acres, same procedure as above.
William Currer from Reese Meredith et al deed vol 12 p. 95
William Currer from Isaac Crouch mortgage vol 12 p. 161
William Currer to Henry Hollingsworth & Ebenezer Booth deed vol 14 p. 105
William Currer from John Rogers, rect vol vol 8 p. 459

Vestry of St. Mary Anne’s church to Jeremiah Baker, Deed, Vol 15, p. 480

6. Currier's on Census'

1790 census – Currier
none in Cecil Co.. Two in York Co.,SC (James and Richard), a William Currier in Baltimore.

1790 census – Currer

Heads of Families in the 1st Census of the United States - 1790
Currer: Elijah, Francis, Jeremiah, Jonathan, Sampson, Thomas and William
North Susquehannah Hundred:
William Currer  2 0 3 0 0
Jonathan Currer 1 0 2 0 0
Elk Neck Hundred:
Francis Currer 1 0 0 0 0   (also Edward and Jacob Hyland)
1800 census – Currer

1800 census – Currier
Abigail – Cecil Co. – Elk Neck – female over 45, one name away from Signey. She had one dtr 16-26.
Signey – Cecil Co. – Elk Neck (William Manly one name away) This is a female over 45
Same two in York, SC
All others in NY, MA and ME
1810 census – Currier
1820 census CurrierCurrier JAMES    MDBALTIMORE 9-WD BALTIMORE 1820    
1820 census Currer
Victor Currer Cecil MD 3rd Dist.
David or Daniel Currer  Rowan NC Lexington side
1840 Cecil Co., MD Census
252 7   25  CURRIER        Jeremiah       pg0246.txt
253 8   20  CURRIER        Richard        pg0246.txt

7. Currier B & B

There is a Currier B & B in Havre de Grace, Harford Ct, Maryland.  It is just across the Susquehanna and owned by a descendant of the Cecil County Curriers.
                                                                            Another ad found on line.
Currier House Bed and Breakfast  
Just up the street from the Decoy Museum is the Currier House, a new B & B in the home of a famous waterman's family. The Curriers were related to the Currier and Ives artists. James Currier, the owner's uncle, was a hunting guide for a nearby inn and many of his decoys are in a glass case in the dining room along with his lantern and tools. His oars are over the case. The owners have arduously renovated the museum like house. In the basement were 50 cigar boxes with letters dating to l830. A developer might have leveled the home, since it was in such disrepair. This descendant and husband are finding more data daily. Since the town records were destroyed in a fire these"archives" are even more valuable.
Ms. Belbot left a high-powered profession to preserve her family home. Since February of 1996, it has been open as a bed & breakfast with 4 guest rooms, each with private bath. Her great grandfather had lost his farm in Cecil County to Federal troops. He built the house in 1861. Her grandfather, born in 1863, the first fire chief, and her father had a livery stable. Her grandfather obtained the massive, intricately carved dining room table from Italians in town.. Her grandfather also raced sleigh and sleigh bells, displayed in the dining room with many family pictures. The horses wore spikes on their shoes, and flying ice would cut the racers if they did not hold the buffalo blanket (also on display). After running the Susquehanna Ferry for years he died in 1865. Her mother was a concert pianist, and her piano is in the living room. Her father served in Verdun in WWI, and shells from Verdun, his helmet and a lace handkerchief made for her grand mother plus a picture of Verdun are all on display in the front parlor.
Upstairs, you will see a tax bill from the IRS from 1869 and Currier and Ives lithographs are in each room. An Amish Wedding photograph by John Warner hangs over one bed in the room named "The Jeffers Room" after the owner's mother. Her grandmother was a Carroll. "The Crawford Room" is named for her husband's family and features one of his imaginative paintings as well as heirlooms. One room, made into a bath has cedar wood and tongue and groove construction. Another of the four guest rooms has a door at a slant, curved wall and lace curtains and spread. This may have been a child's room. A happy peaceful child ghost resides here. This was a Scotch Irish family, as porch flags attest. They were probably jovial and so are their descendants, who give you a full breakfast with freshly made pastries to prepare you for a tour of Havre de Grace.
Innkeepers: Jane C. Belbot and Mr. Belbot. Living room, dining room, porch, 4 rooms. Full breakfast. No Pets. MC, VISA, DISC, AMEX, checks, cash. Near: Decoy Museum, promenade, Maritime Museum, fishing, hunting, swimming, shopping, dining.
Jim Currier 1886-1969 Havre de Grace, MD. (circa 1940's) Very Good.  Hand Chopped Hen block. Hen looking for a matched mate, but no luck so far.  Early heavy model that has a distinct McGaw pattern look to it, with Roman nose bill. Solid construction Hen that saw her share of use on the flats.  One shot hole in neck that can be seen in photo.  All original hardware, paint and weight.

Landfall Along the Chesapeake
 By Susan Schmidt

Grace Carroll Jeffers married Oliver Currer. Daughter Jane (b. 1911) gave tour of the family house she has restored into a charming inn, which sits on South Market Street, just above the Concord Point Lighthouse, Maritime Museum, and Decoy Museum. Jane’s father’s grandfather , Matthiew Currier , bought this house in 1861. …Matthew Currier freed five slaves when he sold his farm and moved to town. He ran a ferry barge on the Susquehanna River and smuggled slaves north from Havre de Grace past Port Deposit to Darlington, hidden in the empty space below the barge platform. Matthew Currier died in 1865 before the age of 30, before the war was over. O. R. was born in 1863 and ran a livery stable he inherited from his step-father, James Cameron.
In the Currier House is a passage from the basement to the attic. I believe Matthew kept slaves in the house; people called it a “safe house”. But tracking an illegal activity is hard to document. Jane’s Uncle, Jim Currier, was a famous carver, and his duck decoys and guns were displayed in a dining room and down the street in the Decoy Museum. Above the gun closet is a trap door and on the second floor, right above, the linen closet has a false ceiling.

Issue Date: Chesapeake Bay Magazine - March 2005

House of Secrets

The Currier House B&B in Havre de Grace, Md., harbors centuries of local history. Who knew?
     Innkeeper Jane Currier knew that her family’s home in Havre de Grace, built in 1790, had stood the test of time, which is why she decided to preserve it as a B&B rather than sell it after her mother passed away. She has decorated it with family heirlooms and photographs that document the history of the area as much as they document a family of farmers, watermen and hunters-not the least of whom was her uncle Jim Currier, a carver whose decoys are on display at the Havre de Grace Decoy Museum. Scores of his wooden duck bodies, unpainted, fill an inset cabinet in Jane Currier’s dining room.
     But she had no idea that the house, just up the street from the Concord Point Lighthouse, had also been a way station on the Underground Railroad.  “My family certainly never talked about it,” she says, her eyes alive with interest. “My mother left three filing cabinets in the basement, chock-full of old documents and the history of the house, but there’s no mention in any of that about escaping slaves.” She knew nothing about this aspect of her family homestead until a man named Matthew Johnson came knocking on her door one day.
     Johnson, who passed away a year ago, was documenting the path of the Underground Railroad through Harford and Cecil counties, and, according to the escapees’ own narratives, he said, Currier’s house was a “safe house,” where fugitives hid until they could be safely ferried across the Susquehanna River.
     “That would explain the secret passage I found,” Currier says.
     Although she has declined to tear out walls to investigate, she did discover an odd passage that seems to lead from the basement to the attic of her home. “I thought maybe it was a laundry chute of some kind, or a dumbwaiter, although why it was where it was [in the original 1790 section of the house] didn’t make sense.” Now she thinks it was a way to smuggle escaping slaves, unseen, between the walls to the safety of the attic.
     Currier’s great-grandfather, Matthew Currier, bought the original house in 1861, after he had lost his farm in Cecil County (north of the Susquehanna) and moved to Havre de Grace, where he operated the ferry. Whether his family helped shelter runaway slaves, or his predecessor had-or both-is unclear. Certainly a ferryboat operator would have been a key link in helping runaways cross the Susquehanna, heading for the relative freedom of Pennsylvania. It can hardly be a coincidence that a block away from the Currier House, a street called Freedom Lane runs straight to the old ferry landing. On the other hand, the War Between the States had already begun when the Curriers moved in; perhaps by then the house had already served its purpose and its “agents” had moved on.
     Whatever the case, the house remains a refuge for travelers passing through Havre de Grace, either by boat or car. Significantly expanded in 1882 and modernized in the 1900s, it lies a short walk away from the launch ramp and transient slips at the Havre de Grace City Yacht Basin at Tydings Memorial Park (410-939-0015). Tidewater Marina (410-939-0950; 800-960-8433) is a few blocks away in the other direction. The Maritime Museum and Decoy Museum are nearby, as is the Havre de Grace waterfront promenade. Although the building sits well back from the water (“There was nothing in front of the house but wetlands swamp when I was a kid,” Currier says), the upstairs balconies offer a sweeping view of the Susquehanna Flats. The rooms are bright and cozy, all with private baths (one bath is actually across the hall from the room it serves): $95–$135; no smoking inside, no pets. 410-939-7886; 800-827-2889;
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1819 Bay Ridge Avenue, Suite 180 Annapolis MD 21403 

8. Currier and Ives

Julia looked to see if there was a connection to the Currier of Currier and Ives fame.   On first blush, probably not BUT.........
The artist Currier was descended from an ancester who immigrated into New England from Yorkshire.  But read the material below for some history on this family AND
the London Grocer.

England - Upon the dissolution of the monasteries the manor and village of Kildwick [in Old Yorkshire] were granted by Henry VIII to…. Whose family sold it in 1559 to Hugh Currer, from whom it has lineally descended to its present owner, Sir Matthew Wilson, of Eshton. The Church of St. Andrew at Kildwick was mentioned in the Domesday Book. In 1318 it was destroyed by the Scots, then rebuilt by Henry VIII. The east end of the north aisle forms a memorial chapel of the Currer family. Goes on to tell about the family lineage, including Henry Currer, his dtr Dorothy who married a Richardson, then to Miss Frances Richardson Currer. House is Kildwick Hall – goes on to describe it in great detail.
Old Yorkshire
By William Wheater
Published by Hamilton, Adams, 1885
Full copy on Google Books

 By Yorkshire Archaeological Society, Yorkshire Archaeological and Topographical Association  [Google Books]

77. — The Will Of Henry Currer Of Kildwick.

March 1, 1652. Henry Currer of Kildwick in Craven, Yeoman. Whereas I have given to Henry and John Currer my younger sons, £400 each in settlement of their child's portion, and a further sum 0f £100 each, and I have given a debt of £200, owing to me by Hugh Currer, my son and heir apparent, to Mary Currer, my daughter, and have given my daughter Anne Watson, wife of \Vm Watson, £250, in full satisfaction of her child's portion, and £350 in trust for her and her heirs, and my daughter Martha, wife of Edmund Baudwin, £500. My will and mind is that my debts be paid, and out of my personal estate, I give to the aforesaid Mary Currer £300 and a grey nag. To my son Hugh £10 for the use of his son Henry, and £40 for his daughters Anne and Elenor. To my son in law Wm Watson £30, £10 of which for Wm Watson, his son, and the rest for Henry, his younger son. To Edmond Baudwin £10, for his son VVm. £20 to the poor of Kildwick and £10 to the poor of Gargrave. Residue to Henry and John, sons, and Martha Baudwin, sole executors.    [Proved. Nov. 9, 1654]

68.—The Will Of Henry Currer Of LONDON.b         (Alchin, 42.;

March 8, 1653. Henry Currer, Citizen and Grocer, of London, Parish of Sl Mary Colchurch. To my nephew Henry Currer, son of my brother Hugh Currer of Kildwick, co. York, £1000, to be paid out of money due to me from Mr John Winterborne -of London, gentleman, and out of such other money due to me from my master, Henry Box, Esq., for wages, &c., and if the said Henry shall depart this life before he receive this money, I give the moiety of the said sum to my executor, to be paid him. To my 3 sisters Mary, Anne, and Martha, each £5, To my cousin Hugh Currer's wife, dwelling in Southwark, £5, and I ordain my brother John Currer sole executor, and give him all residue.

[Proved . April 15, 1654, by John Currer.]

Here's a Helena -
HUGH CURRER, Esq. who purchased the manor of Kildwick, in Craven, m. Helena, dau. of John Halstead, Esq. of Rowley, in Lancashire, and dying in 1617, was s. by his son,

4/17/1671 – John Currer the younger (KE) was granted administration on estate of John Currer the elder (grocer, London). Bondsmen: Robert Dunn, William Bishop. Appraisers: John Wright, Thomas Bright. Mathew Reade (g) to administer oath.




If you know the answer please CONTACT US
1. Where was William Currier born and who were his parents?
2.  What was Jane's maiden name?
3.  Where was Jane born, and who were her parents?
4.  Find a source for his death date.
5.  Get a copy of William's Will or Inventory at least.
6.  What happened to Jane after William died?

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