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Ann Biddle was born in Sedgeley, Staffordshire, England about 1611.  Sedgely is part of greater Birmingham today on the west side.  from the Pennsylvania Magazine, Vol 37, 1913, pages 86-87 "Genealogical Gleanings in Great Brinton" has a page on the Brinton family written by George H. Earle, Jr. of Philadelphia. He states that Ann Biddle was the daughter of William Biddle, or Bidduoph, of Sedgely.  I do not have his source. 

On June 27, 1631 Ann Biddle married Thomas Brinton in Sedgley Parish.  They had probably known each other as children as both families were of Sedgeley. 

The Sedgley Parish Records list a number of children of Thomas Brinton- ie Ann .  They are probably the Thomas of our story.

1.  Steven Brinton, "son of Thomas Brinton Jr." was baptized Jan 1, 1633.
2.  William Brinton , "son of Thomas Brinton" was baptized  Dec. 1, 1636. He is believe to be the Immigrant to America.  
     An Unknown Brinton, "son of Thomas Brinton" was buried Jan 9, 1637.
3.  Thomas Brinton, son of "Thomas and Ann Brinton" was baptized May 30.1641.  
     He died a few months later and was buried Aug. 8, 1641.
4.  John Brinton, named in her will. but not in the Sedgley records. 

The Brinton Notes by George H. Earle referred to above stated that Thomas Brinton buried in Sedgeley Parish on August 14, 1687.  I am looking for source confirmation.

 His wife, Ann Biddle Brinton died early fall 1684.   I have a copy of her will dated Aug.23, 1684 and proved October 20, 1684. Lichfield Record Office Wills Reference B/B/11. System # 25299, with great thanks to John Taplin for the copy.   In it she states that she is Anne Brineton of Lower Gornall....widdowe....  So Thomas Brinton predeceased her.  In Mr. Taplin's notes he says Thomas Brinton died probably in 1650. 

Her will mentions three sons: John Brineton, William Brineton and Stephen Braineton.



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    1. Get page numbers from the Sedgeley Parish Records 
    2. Find Death/burial records for Thomas.
    3. Did they have any daughters?
    4. Get birthdate for son John


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