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There is an active Brinton association in Chester County with a website   The family crest, photos of restored Brinton homes and maps of Brinton Country were found there on http://www.brintonfamily.org/  Family Records by Ahsworth Peter Burke also contains a Brinton family crest.  It is discribed as "Arms - Per pale arg and ga a lion salunt double-queued between 3 annulets all counter changed, a crescent for differneces.  Crest in front of a saltire gu.  A beacon sa fired ppr.  Mooto- Lux et salus." 


William Brinton was born in England.  He was baptized on December 1, 1636 in the Sedgeley Parish Church . This and much of the following information was found in the Pennsylvania Magazine, Volume 37, 1913  pg 86-7 under "Brinton".  The writer is unknown but the "Brinton Memorial" and Brinton Notes, courtesy of George H. Earle, Jr. Esq were given.

His parents were Thomas Brinton of Nether Gournall, Sedgeley and Ann Biddle or Bidduoph of Sedgeley.  The family had been in this part of Staffordshire for centuries.  See Nether Grournall for description of it's location. The Brintons were landowners and farmers.

In 1659 William Brinton wed Ann Bagley of Sedgeley.  They were great supporters of the Quaker religion, but it is not known whether this occurred before or after their marriage.  It is not known where they wed.  The Dudley Montly Meeting, near to Sedgeley began operation in 1656, so it is quite possible they were wed there.  

We do know that they were active in the Dudley MM when their first child was born in 1660. With great thanks to Kathy Weigel for her entry on Ancestry.com  which gave the source, Records of the Dudley Monthly Meeting, Worcester, England, 1656-1827, births, marriages, burials, LDS film #811746, item 4. "The 19th day of the 7th month 1660 Ann Braynton the daughter of Willame Braynton was born."  Another web source Marv Miller on his homepage Quaker, New England and Kersey Genealogy supports that date and gives the dates for all William and Ann's children:

The information known about the children is from History of Delaware County PA by Dr. George Smith published in 1862 as well as the above mentioned websites.

Known children of William and Ann Brinton were:
1.  Ann Brinton born Sept 19, 1660 Nether Grounall Staffordshire, wed John Bennett 1684 and died 1719 in Chester Ct, PA.
2.  Edward Brinton born March 17, 1662/63 in Nether Grounall, believed to have died before 1684.
3.  Elizabeth Brinton born October 9, 1665 in Nether Grounall, wed Hugh Harry (Harris), and died 1727 in Chester Ct. PA
4.  William Brinton born Dec. 17, 1666 in Nether Grounall wed Jane Thatcher in PA, died in 1751in Chester Ct. PA.
5.  Esther Brinton born about 1675 in Nether Grounall wed John Willis.

Dr. Smith relates that in 1683 William Brinton "had goods distrained to the value of 5 pounds, 11 shillings and a fine imposed on 26 shillings under the non-conformity act ".  These acts of religious persecution drove William to emigrate to America. By January 1683/1684 they held a certificate from the Dudley monthly meeting in Worcestershire, England.  They emigrated to Philadelphia presenting this certificate, as well as another from "his dealers & Correspondents".  Both certificates were dated January 1683. The year became 1684 in March two months later.  Quaker arrivals at Philadelphia 1682 - 1750 by Albert Cook Myers notes William Brinton arriveal on jan. 14, 1683, subscribed by Thomas Brindley John Clay, John Green, and Josiah Stanney.

 Dr. Smith states he arrived with his wife and son William.  If the above birth date for Esther is really 1675 she would have been under ten years of age.  Did they leave her with an older daughter, was she with them and simply not noted.  Mr. Miller's website sates they arrived 1684 at Grubb's Landing, New Castle Ct, DelawareThis is on the Delaware River well north of New Castle, only a mile from the Pennsylvania line.  One of the Brinton Historic home pieces, Brinton 1704 House says they survived the first winter in a cave.

William and his son then erected a cabin on 450 acres of land he had purchased in what is now Birmingham Township.  Dr. Smith said "the location was then a little outside the bounds of civilization,...selected on account on the superior quality of the ground".  Today some of this land is growing large houses, but much is still under cultivation.

Within the next two years Ann and John Bennett also emigrated to Pennsylvania.  In 1686 Birmingham Township, Chester County PA became a municipal district with John Bennett appointed as it's first constable. History of Chester County by G.W.Heathcote Sr., page 184.   All three daughters of William and Ann Brinton settled in Chester County near their parents home. 

The family were active in the Quaker community.  He helped found the Concord Monthly Meeting as well as the Birmingham Monthly Meetings.  MM's at Birmingham were first held in the home of William Brinton in 1690.  In 1704 they were meeting in the home of Ann and John Bennett.  The first structure was built 1722 very near land owned by the Bennetts. The building has had many additions and modifications.  It continues as an active meeting today.

Ann Bagley Brinton died in 1699.  William Brinton wrote a testimony to her life saying in part "she was much respected in old England as well as in these parts of the world."  That manuscript #1787 is held by the Chester County Historical Society.

William died a year later.  His will was proved Dec. 1, 1700.  He made bequests to Ann Bennett, Ester Willis, Elizabeth Harry and son William Brinton.  Dr. Smith says both Ann and William were buried on the mansion farm.


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A lot of source documents are needed to support all the facts that are given. Many may be at the Quaker Historical Society in Swarthmore PA.

    1. Find source for baptizm of William Brinton.
    2. Find source for marriage to Ann Bagley. 
    3. Check the Quaker records for source references to their children
    4. Find death of son Edward.
    5. Are there ship records of their immigration?
    6. Was Esther with them when they immigrated?


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