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The Pennock family was a leading Quaker family in colonial Pennsylvania. The descendants are numerous. Three known books have been written about them:
The Pennocks of Primitive Hall by George Valentine Massey II,
The Pusey Family by Pennock Pusey, and
Christopher Pennock Genealogy, compiled by Charles A. Rudolph, 1959.

Margaret Jane McMasters was born 5/29/1828 in Chester County PA, probably in East Nottingham.  Her father was Andrew McMasters.  This much is listed on her PA death Certificate.  Her mother was said to be Ann Dobbinfrom the McMasters family of Cecil county, page 12 by Gary Burns which names Ann Dobbin as Andrew's wife.   However, his list of children for Andrew and Ann McMasters did not include Margaret Jane.  I received communication from Patricia Stafford that she believed Ann Dobbin McMasters died sometime between 1820 and 1826.  In 1829  there was an official record in the Chester County Archives that stated that Jesse Watson had lived with Andrew McMasters since 1826. It is believed that Andrew married Margaret Watson, widow about 1826.  This probably the mother of Margaret Jane.

Andrew McMasters was on the 1840 East Nottingham Census and his wife was 40-49 years old at that time roll 454, page 232, FHC library film #0020542.    Andrew was a farmer. But Margaret Jane is not on that census???  Where is she?  Margaret Jane would have been  nearly grown when her father died.  In 1850 she was living with the John Watson family in London Grove. They had 3 young children.  I believe John Watson was related via her mother Margaret Watson. Perhaps Margaret Jane was acting as their "nanny".

On March 26, 1852 Margaret Jane McMasters wed William Pennock. There was a tiny 2 line notice in the Daily Local news of West Chester.  It is in a collection of Pennock news items at the Chester County Historical society. They had 10 known children. They are:
1. Elizabeth (Lizzie) born 1852, she wed Alfred Bowers and died in 1883
2. Morris born 1854 may have died very early.  He is not on the 1860 or 1870 census. 
3. William Herbert born 1854 twin, he wed Hannah Keighley
4. James Hibbert born 1855, he wed Mary Scott
5. Thomas Hughes born 1858, he wed Martha Mary Missimer
6. Mary Alice born 1860, never wed, she died 1922.
7. Annie Woodrow born about 1863 wed Amos Curry
8. Harry Owens born 1865 died 1878
9. Harvey Lewis born 1867 wed Sarah Mason
10. Bayard Taylor born 1871 died 1895

They  lived in Chester County and were part of the New London Presbyterian community.  The 1860 Census has listed in the home Annie Hayes, age 14.  Was she in their care for some reason or was she there to help care for the children?  She was not on the 1870 Census.

 William Pennock died Sept 18, 1879.  There was a poem placed in the Daily local News of West Chester by his children.

After William's death  Margaret Jane went to Manayunk to live. Joseph and Robert, her brothers had both moved to Manayunk previously.  It was a textile mill town so there was probably work. The 1880 PA Census, roll 1180, FHC film #1255180 has her living at 240 Spring St.  with her are 6 of her children.  Elizabeth dress maker, James H laborer. Alice M, Annie W. dress maker Harvey L. (Harry L. on the census) and Bayard T. Alice was listed as housekeeper.  Unfortunately, the 1890 Census is gone, but on the 1900 PA Census, roll 1463, FHC film # 1241463,  Margaret Pennock  is living at 246 Krams Av in Manayunk with Mary A. who was working then as a weaver. 

Margaret Jane McMasters Pennock died Nov. 14, 1907 in Philadelphia.  She was buried in the New London Presbyterian Cemetery along side her husband William Pennock.   The Local Daily News of West Chester stated that Rev. H.E. Baird officiated at the interment.  Mistakenly, the newspaper had it at a Methodist church.

Their tombstone is on Find a Grave and listed on the stone are also Lizzie Bowers, Harry O. Pennock, Bayard T. Pennock and M. Alice Pennock.


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