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Druscilla Anglia was born in Virginia in 1764 according to the 1850 Rutherford Ct. Tennessee Census. However, after her husband died she made a statement dated Jun3 5, 1847 that she was 81 years old.  That would put her birth year about 1766.  Revolutionary War Vets in Rutherford County Tenn by Susan Daniel.  Her parents are unknown.

Re Susan Daniel noted above Druscilla (Scilla) stated that she married Thomas Blanton  on Oct. 28, 1783.  They possibly wed in either Cumberland or Prince Edward County, Virginia. He was a Revolutionary War Veteran who had served as a Virginia private under General Greene. It is stated on his tomb stone - Find a Grave.

They had at least 10 children We have the names of only a few of them. The child and dates are pieced together from the 1810 Prince Edward VA census and the 1820 Rutherford TN census. No names were given, just age ranges.

1. Daughter born about 1788
2. Daughter born about 1790
3. Daughter born about 1792
4. Daughter born about 1795
5. Daughter born about 1798 – maybe Sallie who wed Thomas Burgess
6. Benjamin Blanton born 1802 wed Martha
7. Susan Blanton born 1804 wed John Wheeler
8. William Blanton born about 1807
9. Mary Blanton born 1810 wed Edward William Burgess
10. Son born about 1812

By 1819 the family was in Rutherford County, Tennessee where Thomas bought and sold land near Murfreesboro.

A piece in the Bedford County Quarterly vol. 10 #3, pages 74-77 entitled Blanton Family records by Frank Blanton – Unionville, TN relates how a large family group came to Tennessee in an oxcart train from "near the Carolina line" Mecklenburg County, Virginia. They arrived in Rutherford County December 1817. The group included Thomas and Druscilla Blanton, his nephew, Meredith and Nancy Blanton, John Chrisp, Nancy’s father and her two brothers William and John Chrisp, Jr. and Sally Blanton, maybe Thomas’ sister. They settled near Nelson Blanton, probably Meredith’s brother.

Thomas died at the age of 88 without a will. His son, Benjamin was appointed executor of the estate and carried out the inventory and auction. It is found in Rutherford County Wills Rb13-606 on reel #261 found near the end of the reel. Those names that were prominent in the buying of Blanton estate goods were:
Nancy Peck            William Blanton
Lucy Arnold            Samuel Hadden
David Carson          John Wheeler
Edward Burgess      Michael Golehas
Reuban Lawhorn     James Tompkins
George Banks         Sheryl Davis
It is highly probably that most of these named were the children of Druscilla and Thomas or their husbands.

Thomas Blanton was buried on the Steelman farm on Mansion pike near Murfreesboro. Some Rutherford County, TN Cemetery Records by Jill K. Garrett and Iris H. McClain record what was written on his tombstone. It said, "Thomas Blanton born 1758, died May 27, 1846. He was a soldier in the Revolution under General Greene and fought in the Battle of Guilford court House, Camden, Eutaw Springs and several others."

Druscilla went to live with her daughter Susan Wheeler. She is there on the 1850 Census. She died in 1854 when she was 90 years of age. Her inventory can be found on Rb 17-245 as listed in the Index to Rutherford Ct. Wills 1804-1861. It is not known where she is buried.  





If you know the answer please CONTACT US.


    1. Who were her parents
    2. Where was she born in Virginia
    3. What are the names and birth dates of all his children?
    4. See if the 1790 and 1800 census are available. .
    5. Is she buried with her husband?


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