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John Alexander Caldwell was born in northern Ireland about 1650. Historical Sketch of the Caldwell Family by William Arthur Porter states that he had three brothers that immigrated to America. Several children of the remaining two brothers immigrated to America. The brothers were Joseph, Daniel, David, Andrew and John Alexander. These names were repeated over and over through the centuries in the Caldwell family.

John's wife is unknown. There are two sons attributed to him are:

1. John Caldwell born about 1680 in Ireland and wed Margaret Phillips there. They lived in either County Derry, Antrim, or Donegal. John and Margaret migrated to America in 1727. This John is also considered to be the son of Joseph. Needs to be cleared up.

2. Andrew Caldwell, born in 1692 in Ireland, according to The Life and Character of the Rev David CALDWELL, D.D emigrated to America prior to the year 1718. He obtained a grant of 285 acres in Lancaster County PA, which lies on the old Philadelphia road. He married his cousin, Ann Stewart, in 1718. He was a member of the Presbyterian Church, and it was partly through his efforts that the Meeting House at Pequea was established in 1730. He died in 1752 and was buried at that place.

The connection of this Andrew Caldwell with Rev. David Caldwell was said to be in error by an email received Oct 2004.  Until I can find the documentation I'll state the email in full.

             "You have erred in identifying this Andrew Caldwell as the father of Rev. David Caldwell, although may texts say the same thing.
             The error derives from confusing two Andrew Caldwells who died in Lancaster Caldwell. The will of the Scotch-Irish immigrant
             Andrew Caldwell who died in 1752 omits any mention of David Caldwell and his brothers, Andrew, Alexander and John, whereas
             the will of the lowland Scot immigrant Andrew Caldwell who died in 1757 survived by his wife Martha does.  You can find out more
              by doing a google search for the Biography of Rev. David Caldwell (1725-1824)." Regards, David Andrew Caldwell

Support for the story comes from History of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, with Biographical Sketches of Many of its Pioneers and Prominent Men Chapter LXXV. Salisbury Township<1<[1 By John C. Linvill.]  "Andrew Caldwell emigrated to this country from Scotland prior to 1718, and purchased two hundred and eighty-five acres of land on Old Road, near Salisbury and Leacock line. He married Ann Stewart in 1718, and had a son, Andrew, who married Isabella Andrews. Andrew Caldwell, son of Andrew and Isabella Andrews, married Ann Buyers, and had sons: William P. (married Sarah Buyers) and Andrew. William P. Caldwell left four sons,--John, William, Robert, and Andrew. Rev. David Caldwell, D.D., was the son of Andrew and Ann Caldwell."

Three sisters of John went to America on the same ship with he and Margaret. Their families were with them. We know them from Family History Caldwell , a document found in Logan County Ky library.
3. Mrs. Moore
4. Mrs. Richey. According to Mrs. Richey was Jane and Mr. Richey was either Alexander or William. They had 8 children.
5. Mrs. Dudgeon

Nothing more is known about John Alexander Caldwell.. 



If you know the answer please CONTACT US.

1. Where and when in Ireland was he born?

2. Who were his parents?

3. Who was his wife?

4. What are the names and birthdates of all his children?

6. When did he die?


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