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The Caldwell family flourished in Scotland.

Family history holds that Oliver Cromwell's grandmother was Ann of Caldwell. We don't have that connection yet. About 1649 when England was in a Civil War, Oliver Cromwell was sent to Ireland to keep the Catholics from supporting a Royalist invasion. When he went to Ireland, five Caldwell brothers went with him. They were Joseph, John Alexander, Daniel, David and Andrew. When Cromwell became Protector of England the Caldwells stayed on in Ireland. They had been given land there for their role in subduing the Irish. Their fortunes became precarious once Cromwell died in September 1659. The monarchy was reestablished in 1660 with Charles II.

The great migration of Presbyterians and Caldwells began at that time.

Here is the available information on the five Caldwell brothers.

Joseph Caldwell  
History of Kentucky 1884 states Joseph died in Ireland but several children went to America.

Ancestral File (TM) - gives a detail family tree that calls John Caldwell, who wed Margaret Phillips, the son of Joseph. The generations continue on back four generations to Alexander Caldwell about 1558. That Alexander was one of the family that went from France to Scotland.

It further states that Joseph Caldwell married Jane McGhia in Ireland about 1680. At least two children are known:

1. John F. Caldwell born Jan 9, 1683 who wed Margarette Philips
2. Catherine Caldwell born 1691 who wed John Dudgeon.

This agrees with the Caldwell Family History that states David Caldwell and Mary Dudgeon, first cousins, wed in Virginia.

John Alexander Caldwell
History of Kentucky 1884 states John's son, John Caldwell went to America with wife Margaret Phillips in 1727. This is a contradiction to the Ancestral file history. Which is the family to John who settle Cub Creek is the question.

Daniel Caldwell
History of Kentucky 1884 states Daniel died in Ireland but several children went to America

David Caldwell
History of Kentucky 1884 states David fled to America

Andrew Caldwell
History of Kentucky 1884 states Andrew fled to America




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1.. Where in Ireland did the Caldwells settle?

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