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Ann Regina Conradt was born in 1827 according to the 1850 Census from the 18th Ward of Baltimore.

                                        Ann Regina was born to Christian Gottlieb Conradt and Emily Mills Hughes in Baltimore. Shortly thereafter the family moved to
                                        Martinsburg, Virginia where 8 more children were born. They returned to Baltimore between 1842 / 1845.

The newspaper, The Baltimore Sun issue Sept 12, 1845 on page 2 reported the marriage of "William H. Walsh, 11, Sept. 1845 to Anna R. Conradt, daughter of Christian G. Conradt." This was found in the Volume Marriages and Deaths in the Baltimore Sun 1837-1850 by Hollowah. According to the LDS Maryland IGI, they were wed in Christ Church Parish on Chase and St. Paul Streets in Baltimore

The young Walsh family lived with her parents in the 18th Ward of Baltimore according to the 1850 Census:
William Walsh age 29 a clerk, born Maryland
Ann age 23 born Maryland
Emily Walsh age 3 born in Maryland
"Yates", age 1 born in Maryland. His full name was Thomas Yates Walsh

The 1860 Baltimore Census lists the growing Walsh family as:
Wm H Walsh age 39 born Md Merchant Value $3000.
Annie age 33, born Md
Emily age 13 all the children were born in Maryland
Thomas age 11
Marion age 9
Charles age 7
William age 4
Conrad age 2
Eliza Conradt age 28 born Virginia - Emily's sister.

The 1870 Baltimore Census lists the family in the 19th Ward. The family details are:
Wm. H. Walsh age 50 Justice of the peace, born in Maryland, value $700.
Anna R. age 40 keeping house
Thomas Y age 21 clerk in store"
Mary L. age 18 at home
Charles age 16 clerk
William age 14
Conrad age 12
Frank age 9
Elizabeth age 6
also Emily Conradt age 65 (Anna R.'s mother)
Eliza Conradt age 36

Ann's husband William Walsh died in 1871.

On the 1880 Census Anna R. Walsh is listed as head of household she was listed as 50 years old, born in Virginia. The family lived at
68 Edmonson Ave. The family at home were:
Emily Jones age 30, and her daughter Nannie Jones, age 9,
Charles E. Walsh age 25,
William H. age 23
Conradt age 21
Frank S. age 19
Elizabeth age 16

On the 1900 Census Annie R. Walsh age 74 born in West Virginia. The family lived at 326 W. Carey St. At home were listed
Emily H. born Jan 1848
Marie L. born May 1851
Frank S. born Nov. 1860
Conrad C.
Elizabeth born June 1863

The family continued in that area. Most of the siblings living together throughout their life.   The 1910 Census Baltimore has them at
1319 Mulberry St., which I believe is just around the corner from Carey St.  Annie Walsh is still head of house hold: She said she had 8 children and all 8 were still living.  It also said she was married 10 years.  It was actually 16 but again she gives only general information.  All ages given are within the decade.  Annie's great grand daughter confirmed that the family did not believe in giving out private information
Annie Walsh  age 80  (actually closer to 83)
Emily Jones  age 50  (actually closer to 62)  said to be a widow, married 30 years, but she was back home without husband 30 years ago.
Marie L age 50  (actually closer to 59)
Charles E. age50 (actually closer to 55)
William H  age 50 (actually closer to 53)
Conradt  age 50 (actually close, maybe 51)
Frank S. age 40 (actually closer to 50)
Elizabeth A age 40 (actually about 47)
Nannie Jones (Emily's daughter) age 30 (closer to 39)

The 1920 Baltimore Census says the family is at 326 Carey St. (So where did the Mulberry St. address come from?)  Ann Regina is not listed so we assume she died prior to 1920. Elizabeth and Emily Jones are also not listed. This time the family gave correct ages.
Charles A. Walsh age 66, head of household, in real estate
Mary S.  age 68
William M., age 64, bank teller
Conradt, age 62
Frank S., age 58

Amusingly, by the next census they were all younger.  1930 Baltimore Census, still at 326 Carey St.
Conrad Walsh, age 60, head of household
William, age 62, bank teller
Mary L., age 62   
Frank, age 69
Charles, age 71 - still in real estate.

Maryland has an online Index of Death RecordsAnna R. Walsh is listed on Oct. 8 1916  Certificate number 98774


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