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William H. M. Walsh
was born in Feb.18,1820, re Find a Grave in Baltimore, Maryland. He became a successful businessman. He owned a large carpet factory in Baltimore but his fortune was depleted by the civil War and a change in technology. He was the son of Margaret Yates and Jacobs Walsh Jr. of Baltimore. This is based on a bio of Thomas Yates Walsh, born 1810.  He became a lawyer than a congressman for the state of Maryland, Find A Grave.  There was a biography of him I found at the Maryland Historical Society, but did not record the data.  It stated that he had a younger brother Wm H. Walsh and name their father as above.  I would like to have tighter documentation.  However, Congressman T. Yates Walsh is buried at Old St. Paul's Cemetery as is most of this Walsh family as noted below.

The newspaper, The Baltimore Sun issue Sept 12, 1845 reported the marriage of  "William H. Walsh, on the 11, Sept. 1845 to Anna R. Conradt, daughter of Christian G. Conradt." This was found in the Volume Marriages and Deaths in the Baltimore Sun 1837-1850 by Hollowah. According to the LDS Maryland IGI, they were wed in Christ Church Parish on Chase and St. Paul Streets in Baltimore.  I would love to have that confirmed with documentation.

A family document unsigned but called the Conradt genealogy tells that Christian Conradt opened a carpet factory in Baltimore, which was very successful and prosperous. William H Walsh was his bookkeeper. After marrying Anna Regina Conradt they formed the firm of Conradt, Walsh and Conradt. They had numerous ads in the Daily Exchange and Democrat Advocate in 1859 through 1865.  One gave address as off Baltimore St. on Gay St. another that they were selling carpets at 75 Baltimore St. between Gay and south. and the Daily Exchange Jan 14, 1861 reported a valuable horse had been stolen from the Walsh Conrad Stables at rear of North Gay St. near Gilmore.  Value $175.  All went well until new machinery was invented. They could not compete and the company failed. I'm not sure of the date but I guess it to be during the mid to late 1860s.

The young Walsh family lived with her parents in the 18th Ward of Baltimore according to the 1850 Census:
William Walsh age 29 a clerk, born Maryland
Ann age 23 born Maryland
Emily Walsh age 3 born in Maryland
"Yates", age 1 born in Maryland. His full name was Thomas Yates Walsh 

The 1860 Baltimore Census lists the growing Walsh family as:
Wm H Walsh age 39 born Md, Merchant Value $3000.
Annie age 33, born Md
Emily age 13 all the children were born in Maryland
Thomas age 11
Marion age 9
Charles age 7
William age 4
Conrad age 2
Eliza Conradt age 28 born Virginia - Anne's sister.

William and Anna Walsh had 8 children.  From Census records and Find a Grave their names, births and deaths are:
1.  Emily Walsh, born Jan 26,1847, died Jan 24, 1919, she wed Eugene W. Jones
2.  Thomas Yates Walsh born  Nov 1849, died Nov. 18, 1929 he wed Nannie A. Croyeau.
3.  Marie Louise Walsh, born 1851, died 1935
4.  Charles Edward Walsh, born 1853, died 1936, he shared a simple stone with Marie Louise.
5.  William H. Walsh, born 1856, died 1935
6.  C. Conradt Walsh, born 1859, died 1934
7.  Frank S.  Walsh, born 1861, died 1934  he shared a simple stone with Conradt
8.  Elizabeth Sterling Walsh, born June 7, 1863, Died April 21, 1919

The 1870 Baltimore Census lists the family in the 19th Ward. The family details are:
Wm. H. Walsh age 50 Justice of the peace, born in Maryland, value $700.
Anna R. age 40 keeping house
Thomas Y age 21 clerk in store"
Mary L. age 18 at home (Marion from 1860 Census)
Charles age 16 clerk
William age 14
Conrad age 12
Frank age 9
Elizabeth age 6
also Emily Conradt age 65 (Anna R.'s mother)
Eliza Conradt age 36

The 1870 Census shows a very large number of people under the care of William.  It also shows a great decrease in his economic value.  The strain and developing TB was too much for him. The Baltimore Weekly Sun of December 9, 1871 noted the death of William H. Walsh. "WALSH - On the morning of the 4th instant William H. Walsh."  His wife lived into the 20th Century. They were both buried in Old Saint Paul's Cemetery and his tomb can be found on Find a Grave.  The cemetery has moved a number of times.  The present cemetery is located on Redwood Street. There are no Conradts listed at this cemetery however, on the photo of William H.M. Walsh's tomb a stone can be read in the background that has both Elizabeth Conradt and Emily Conradts name.  So all but #2 child, Thomas Yates Walsh are there. There is another T. Yates Walsh in the cemetery, William H.M.'s brother.

The Conradt Genealogy stated he died of TB.

On the 1880 Census Anna R. Walsh is listed as head of household she was listed as 50 years old, born in Virginia. The family lived at 68 Edmonson Ave. The family at home were:
Emily Jones age 30, and her daughter Nannie Jones, age 9,
Charles E. Walsh age 25,
William H. age 23
Conradt age 21
Frank S. age 19
Elizabeth age 16

Anna Regina Walsh lived another 45 years. All her children lived with her, except Thomas Yates, and continued together until their deaths.   I'm sure they all worked and contributed to the family support.  The five that lived longest all died within two years of each other.  All the stones in the cemetery are very simple and two are shared. 


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