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Little is known and a lot is guessed about Mordecai Bedient. He was born about 1620, perhaps in England. It is believed he wed Mary Barnard about 1650 in England.

It is known that Mary had 4 sons with the Bedient last name. They were
1. Thomas Bedient was born July 22,1654, in Staines England and probably a twin.
2. Morgan Bedient born perhaps born July 22, 1654.
3. John Bedient born between 1655 & 1664
4. Mordecai Bedient born between 1655 & 1664

The original Bedent story known to our family is of the widow, Mary Bedent. She sailed from Staines, England to Massachusetts with her sons; Morgan, Thomas, John and Mordecai. They came to the colony to claim an estate left her by her brother, John Barnard. He died in Hadley, Mass in 1664.

This story comes from Baird, Bard Beard Families by Fermire Catchings, in the chapter on Scotch Bairds. Stains England is a port town on the upper Thames. . It is a town just south of present day Heathrow Airport. Where specific documentation is not included for a fact, it came from a web friend. All needs to be confirmed and as it is source documentation will be added.

There is one New York state document that states land had been owned by Mordecai and Mary Bedient. This would then lead to the assumption that Mordecai did not die in England but came to America with his family and died in New York. From The History and Genealogy of Families of Old Fairfield (Conn) comes the listing of Mordecai Bedient of Westchester NY. "On Dec. 4, 1684, Richard Osborn of Westchester quitclaimed to Thomas Bedient of Woodbury all lands in Westchester formerly possessed by Mordecai Bedient dec'd and Mary his wife, afterwards called Mary Townsend and Roger Townsend......."

Thomas and Morgan would have been 11 or 12 years old when they sailed. Most likely their brothers were younger. Their mother remarried as noted. She married Roger Townsend, sometime between 1665 and 1674, probably in Westchester. When he died in 1674, her three younger sons were mentioned in his will. It is in Westchester County NY Court Records. We need to get a copy of this record as it is unknown which were the youngest sons. Then she wed Roger Osborn.

It is not known when or how Mordecai Bedient died, but it would have been between 1655-1665, or where he is buried.


If you know the answer please CONTACT US

1. When and where was Mordecai Bedient born?

2. Who were his parents?

3. When and where did he wed Mary Barnard?

4. What did he do?

5. When, where and how did he die?

6. There must be a deed in his name in Westchester, find it!


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