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Margaret Bernard was born about 1625. According to who entered the family into, her parents were Francis Bernard and Mary Woodhouse. There is a lot of information at this site. Once we can confirm the connection of Margaret Bernard to the Blackburn family, we will add it all onto our website.

She married Mr. Rowzee before 1650. He died within a few years and she had at least one child. She married Daniel Gaines about 1650 probably in Virginia soon after he arrived there with his father. However, we donít know how she got there. She must have immigrated with her first husband.  Ralph Rowzie came to Rappananhock in 1650 with Col. John Catlett.  He must have died very soon after arriving.  from A history of 2 Virginia Families transplanted from County Kent England.

 The focus of the book is on the Catlett family but he "arrived with his son, Nicholas and his half-brothers Ralph and Edward Rowzie as well as Ralph's wife, Catherine and his sister Sarah".  So where is the mistake?  Maybe the dates are off by 5 or so years, and Catherine died after arriving, he married Margaret had son Ralph and then Ralph Sr. died.   Needs to be worked out.  Perhaps the book had the wrong brother and Catherine was Edward Rowzie's wife.

Col. Catlett was from Sittinghourne Kent, England.  It is possible that Margaret was also. 

Margaret and Mr. Rowzee had one son Ralph Rowzee, later mentioned in Daniel Gaines's will as his son-in-law.  He was probably born about 1648.

The children of Daniel and Margaret Gaines were:
1. Bernard Gaines wed Martha Taylor
2. Elizabeth Gaines wed John Catlett Jr.
3. Margaret Gaines
4. Mary Gaines  wed John Smith

Daniel Gaines was a distinguished and trusted man of the community. He was the first Justice of the Peace in Rappahannock Ct, and active in an Amherst County committee in 1671. He was appointed attorney in a deed transfer in 1667, and thus noted in Genealogies of Virginia Families, Vol III: Early Immigrants to Virginia by Greer. Cavaliers and Pioneers by Nugent, page 334.

The will of Daniel was written August 18, 1682 and proved October 16, 1684 in Old Rappahannock. In the will he mentions wife Margaret, children Bernard, Margaret and Mary, sons in law (stepsons) Ralph Rowzee and John Smith, the deceased Col. John Catlett and son, kinsman John Catlett, Jr.I believe his daughter Elizabeth Catlett had died previously.

Margaret had at least one child by her first marriage. In Old churches, Ministers and Families of Virginia by Meade 1857 the Catlettís were described as "planters of the respectable, yet not most opulent class".

Margaret Gaines married a third time in 1686 to John DangerfieldIndex to Marriages of Old Rappanhannock and Essex Counties, Virginia 1655-1900, Book O 1, page 184.

It is not known where or when Margaret Dangerfield died.



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  1. When and where was she born?
  2. What is the connection of Catherine to Margaret?
  3. What are the names and birth dates of her children by Mr. Rowzee
  4. When and where did Margaret die?


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