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George Walter Blackburn was born on Dec.1852 in Caldwell County, Kentucky. His parents were William Washington Blackburn and Catherine Street. His mother died when he was 9 years old of "dropsy". His father married a second time and had 6 more children. Ancestors, Caldwell County, Kentucky Vol. I & II by Gregory Watson, is the source for much of the detail information on the family of George W. Blackburn.

George Walter Blackburn wed Elizabeth W. Carroll about 1873. She probably went by Betty or Betsy. They had one child William B. or P. Blackburn who died at birth on July 30, 1874. Less than a year later Elizabeth died in March 1875. The mother and child are both buried in the Morse Cemetery in Farmersville, Caldwell County. The child's tombstone reads "Wm. P. son of G.W. and B. Blackburn".

George than married Rosannabell Crowell on Dec 13, 1875 in Caldwell County. Rose was just 15 at the time. Their wedding is listed in the Caldwell County Marriage book 12, page 47.

The 1880 Caldwell county Census, page 485  has the family listed as:
G.W. Blackburn 26, a farmer - and stated he nor his wife could read or write, but by 1900 they could
R.B Blackburn 19, wife
James Blackburn, age 3, son
M.C. Blackburn, 1/2 year old, born Sept, daughter.  

The 1900 Census of Caldwell county Donaldson Section lists the family thus:
George Blackburn - Head born Dec 1852
Rosa B. - wife born Oct 1860
John - son born Oct 1883
Walter - son born Aug 1885 apparently also know as George Washington
Narly - dau born Nov 1890
William W. Blackburn - father born Nov 1823

The full names and birthdays of the children are listed below. Oldest son JWA had wed in 1899 and was not living with George and Rosa at the time of the 1900 Census. The other variation between the two lists is that of son Walter born Aug, 1885, verses George Washington Jr. born April 1885. As his father was George Walter, his name was probably George Walter and Washington is the error.

George's children were:
1.  William B or P  died at birth.  Mother was Elizabeth Carroll Blackburn
then the children born to Roseannabell:
1. Infant died at birth on Jan 18, 1876. He is buried in the Morse cemetery
2.. James William Addison Blackburn born Dec. 25, 1877 wed Mabel Hubbard 1899
3. Mama G. Blackburn born Nov. 15 1878, died April 24, 1883. Buried in Morse Cem.
4. Alley Blackburn born Oct 14, 1881, Died Jan 26, 1893. Buried in Morse Cemetery.
5. John Kelly Blackburn born Oct. 1883, wed Estella Traylor, died Nov. 6, 1955
6. George Washington Blackburn Jr. born April 30, 1885 wed 1st Bertha Board, 2nd Clara Martin, 3rd Nona Louis Stephens. He died April 23, 1962
7. Infant died at birth on Aug. 22, 1886 buried at Morse Cemetery.
8. Narlie Victora Blackburn born Nov. 11, 1890, wed Lee Roy Stallins.

It is sad to see that of his children, 3 died at birth and 2 more as children. The children of George and Rose also experienced similar tragedy as adults. James and Mabel had 2 of four children dying in infancy. John Kelly and Estrella had 2 of six children die in infancy. Narlie and Lee Roy had no children. It would be interesting to know the survival rate of George Jr.'s children.

James William Addison died at age 55 of diabetes. His granddaughter also developed juvenile diabetes. The male passes down the diabetic gene. It is possible that some of these young deaths were due to diabetes.

George Blackburn was a farmer. He died Feb. 3, 1905 and was buried in the Morse Cemetery.

Rose married three more times, outliving all her husbands. She died on Nov. 29, 1929 and is buried in Cedar Hill Cemetery, Princeton Caldwell County next to her son James.



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