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Susannah Burr was born 1611 to 1614 in Westminster, London, in St. Margaret's Parish. St. Margaret is the parish church just next to Westminster Cathedral, and worthy of a visit.  Her father was Richard Burr.  There is one hint that her mother may have been Elizabeth Montague.  I can find her birth recorded and her baptism was Sept. 25, 1592 at St. Giles Cripplegate, London. England Select Births and Christenings 1538-1975, FHL film# 380199.
 But I cannot find a marriage record to Richard Burr.  .

Susannah married Cuthbert Harrison 1632 in St. Margaret's Parish.  They had 7 children all christened within the parish.  Cuthbert may have been born in Yorkshire and I do not know what took him to London or what he did during his years there.  St. Margaret's records are now on line.I could find Alexander and Sarah, but could not find the other dates in the online source.  the Christenings are find on pages 156,191, 205 and 222.

Their children were:
1.  Francis Harrison born c1633
2.  Richard Harrison born c1636
3.  Burr Harrison born Dec. 28, 1637 wed Sarah Frances Burdette and emigrated to America. the online record said his christening took place Jan. 3,1637/38
4.  Joseph Harrison born c1639
5.  Alexander Harrison born Oct. 23, 1644 found in LDS records GS film 908519 from England Births and christenings same date but christening.
6.  Thomas Harrison born 1646 the online record said the christening took place Oct. 20, 1647
7.  Sarah Harrison born 1648 the online record said her christening took place Feb. 26, 1652.

While Alexander and Sarah were the only records found online, the others all fit.  Now to find where the other data came from.

Susannah Burr Harrison lived to see all her children grown.  She died about 1668 in St. Margaret's Parish.  Sometime thereafter Cuthbert emigrated to America with at least one son, Burr Harrison, and perhaps others.  He died 1699 in Virginia.


If you know the answer please CONTACT US

1. Confirm her mother.

2. Get Parish records to support all statements

3. What did Cuthbert do while in London?

4. When  did she die?


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