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Margaret Harrison was born in 1734 in Fairfax County, Virginia. Her parents were Captain William H. Harrison and Isabella Triplett

Margaret's father, William had inherited a track of land in Loudoun County, VA from his father William Harrison. On September 3/4, 1760 Margaret and her husband Edward Blackburn sold their portion of the track. The deed found in Loudoun Deeds C:255 connects the family. It says..

"track taken up by William Harrison and devised to William H. Harrison his son.....The Northern Neck Grant was to Sarah Lewis, then Sarah Harrison, widow and relict of William Harrison the elder and mother of William the son. The track was devised to his (William - the son) four daughters, Margaret who married Edward Blackburn, Sarah who married John Monroe, Susanna who married Robert Slaughter and Mary who married John Waler."

Would all deeds contain so much valuable information! The deed was not recorded until July 10, 1762.

Margaret Harrison married Edward Lewis Blackburn Jr. on May 26, 1756 at the Overwharton Parish of Stafford County This is listed in Marriages of some Virginia Residents 1607 - 1800 by Dorothy Ford Willfich. The church registry noted that she was the daughter of William Harrison.

Edward Blackburn was a lawyer of Fairfax County and served as a justice there beginning in 1759. They were very active in the Anglican Church. The Truro Parish was divided into 2 parishes in 1765. Edward was rejected for the Fairfax vestry in March 1765, while George Washington was chosen. But in July, Edward was chosen to serve on the vestry and G. Washington moved to the Truro parish. History of Truro Parish. This process and all the names suggested and selected, was written by George Washington and is in the Library of congress.

Margaret and Edward had  four known children. They were:
1. William Henry Blackburn, born Feb 12, 1757 wed Sarah Baird, he died 1841
2. Jane Blackburn, born 1760, wed Thomas Sinclair
3. Thomas Blackburn, born Dec. 10,1768 wed 1st Mary Jenkins on Dec. 23 1796. 2nd Sarah "Sallie" Ball Haynie, March 20, 1800.
    3rd Ann Hall, 1826.  He died Oct 14, 1829 in Dayton Ohio.
4. Edward Lewis Blackburn born 1771 wed Mary Carrington.  He died in 1827 Fairfax County VA.
New material that included birthdates, wedding dates and additional marriages of Thomas are from an email received from Barbara W. Terrones that said the information was from a book The Blackburn Genealogy, compiled by Vinnetta Wells Ranke, copyright 1939.  The source for the information in the book was not given and needs to be confirmed.

Edward Blackburn died in 1800. Margaret Harrison Blackburn died 1808 in Virginia. It is unknown where they are buried.


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3. Was there a will?


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